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Procrastination Wednesday: 5 Things To Waste Time Over This A.M.

Because it's Wednesday, and we know you're looking for a distraction. (Also, guess who's the new creative director of Calvin Klein?)

It’s Wednesday, which means your weekly Procrastination Report is here to help you forget about the drawls of Hump Day. We’ve got everything from Rihanna’s major W Magazine cover to Channing Tatum’s latest film role – scales and bare chests are involved – to keep you entertained as you pretend to type away at your desk. Fire away!


It’s Official, Raf Simons Is Now With Calvin Klein
The former creative director of Dior is officially back in the game! Rumours were already swirling back in June, so we can’t say that we’re surprised by this latest development. Simons’ new role as Chief Creative Officer of Calvin Klein was confirmed earlier today by CEO Steve Shiffman. Calvin Klein also adds that the designer’s first collection will be unveiled in the Fall 2017 season. It’s going to be quite the wait, but at least we know that it’s finally happening.


Rihanna Kills It As W Magazine‘s Cover Girl
But, honestly – when does Rihanna not kill it? For the September issue, Edward Enninful and Steven Klein imagine everyone’s favourite bad girl as Tomorrow, the “last woman on earth and the ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future”. (Side note: Someone needs to write a young adult novel with that premise, stat.) The cover is crazy sick – RiRi with red bejewelled lips and gold embellished eyes while crying metallic gold tears – and it gets even better with the editorial spread. [W Magazine]


It Smells Like Cookie
Empire‘s Cookie Lyon, I mean. In about 43 days, FOX will release two fragrances – “Truth” for women, and “Legacy” for men – inspired by the hit show and the flacon is as jazzed up as you’d expect an Empire-inspired fragrance to be. We can’t all have Cookie’s badassery, but at least we can get a step closer to it by smelling like her. Right…?


Jared Leto Making Baby Puppy Noises
The Suicide Squad actor does some pretty weird things on set – I mean, this is the guy who sent co-star Margot Robbie an actual rat while method-acting as the Joker – but turns out, he’s got a cute side as well. Who knew? Leto recently went on The Tonight Show to play the segment “Pup Quiz”, but come on, we all know it’s just a farce to get him to play with some puppies. And I promise you, Jared Leto with puppies – and in Gucci, no less – will be the cutest thing you’ll see all day. If that’s not enough, watch him play with a baby snake here.


Channing Tatum Can Add “Merman” To His Résumé
Okay, first things first – Disney is remaking Splash, that 1984 mermaid flick starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. That is literal music to my ears because y’all know I’m Team Kulala’s resident Disney obsessee, and Splash is hands-down one of my favourite childhood movies of all time. To make things even rosier, not only are the roles being reversed in the remake – the mermaid is now a merman – the merman in question will be played by Channing Tatum. Mr. Tatum as a merman? Yeap, I can totally see that happening. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Image: W Magazine (Psst, we just got Facebook. Like us over here, maybe?)

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