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3 Ways To Multi-Mask If You Have Combination Skin

The beauty hack that saves so much time and quite a bit of money, and it may be the answer to why your sleeping mask isn't doing a perfect job. Think about it.

In the past, when you feel like your skin needs some TLC, it either leads to slapping on a hydrating sheet mask or applying some sort of sebum-absorbing wash-off mask. But, as with our own personalities, skin types are hardly just one type. It is hardly ever just one skin need. You may have combination skin, you may need something anti-inflammatory, something anti-aging.

So, here’s what you may want to start considering: multi-masking. Nope, not one after another, but all at the same time.

Think about it. If you have combination skin with some parts being oilier than others, and hence more prone to acne, and other parts being dry to the point that it itches and flakes on bad days, it makes no sense to slather a clay mask all over, drying out the flaky spots further. It is a waste.

With multi-masking, you quite literally get to customise your masking sessions, choosing what fits the different parts of your face best. Say a clay mask on your T-zone or on a pimple, and a refreshing mask on your cheeks. You can even slap on some eye patches while at it. It saves time, it saves money, because you’re using less product, and it is efficient.

Just one thing: if you’re using a spread-on mask, it’s probably best not to let them touch. The ingredients in each one may be reactive to each other and you would be none the wiser until your face starts screaming with red bumps. Making zones and separating the areas of your face like the forehead, nose or cheeks is a good way to avoid this.

As for the rest of your skincare routine, it can actually go underneath your mask if it is a sleeping mask or a sheet mask, as it can be pushed further into the skin when it is below. Of course, don’t forget to inject the moisture back into your skin, especially if you’re using a particularly drying mask like clay or powders.

Below, we’ve put together three different ways you can multi-mask, depending on what you would like to target. Of course, you could always come up with your own combination or grab one that’s already put together in a set, like this 111Skin Multi-Masking Planner.


#1 Acne-Prone & Sensitive

For acne-prone skin, a clarifying mask like this one from Tata Harper has anti-inflammatory properties and other AHAs that will  help to calm, reduce redness and regulate excess oil production. On other areas where it is a bit more sensitive, try a recovery mask like this Kypris Beauty Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask that is oil-free and soothes, protects and hydrates the skin.



#2 The Dry & Oily

For the more parched areas of the skin, something like the Dr. Barbara Sturm Deep Hydrating Mask will bring moisture back in just 15 minutes. It has nourishing properties like aloe vera, Vitamin E and chamomile will also soothe any red and dry patches. As for the oilier parts, rid the skin of excess sebum with the trusty ol’ clay mask like this one from Bamford.



#3 For Dark Spots & Fine Lines

If you’re looking to target dark spots, something that has got Vitamin C or brightening properties like this MZ Skin Hydra Lift Golden Facial Treatment Mask will revive lacklustre skin. It is also a sheet mask that comes in two parts, so separating that can allow you to plump wrinkles around the eyes with a wrinkle smoothing mask from Dermarché Labs.



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