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4 Simple Steps That Will Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

Unless you want everyone to know that you barely got five hours of shuteye, peruse these to make your favourite concealer work even better than ever before.

Unlike the essential foundation, concealers are more of a necessary evil. When it’s not there, it is like you’re telling the world exactly how little sleep you got the night before. But when it’s there, we’re faced with a ton of other problems. It creases, smudges and worse, disappears during the course of the day. And, when we try to fix it with more concealer, it turns crusty. Dry. You can’t win with this!

To top it all off, concealers are similar to foundations in that it is just as hard to find one that works. There’s finding a shade on one hand, finding one that doesn’t bunch up the skin around your eyes on the other. You also need it to hold well, but not be a tar pit for your eye makeup, moisturising but not oily, covers just enough but feels light on the skin. Again, you can’t win with this!

Or, can you?

Instead of pointing out all you might me doing wrong, we’ve got all the tips that will take your creasing, caking, disappearing concealer woes far, far away.


#1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Ah, the oldest trick in the book. Whether it’s drinking more or applying hydrating products, it really does make a world of a difference. The concealer sticks better, makes blending easier and helps it stay on longer. Before going to bed, apply eye cream around the area. Then, before the concealer, use a serum or oil as they absorb into the skin better without interfering with the makeup.


#2: Make It Stick

If you’ve ever thought of using an eyeshadow primer for the under-eye area, don’t stop now. If it can hold red pigments together for more than twelve hours, it’ll hold your concealer in place. It’s like a magical glue.



#3: Don’t Put Too Much, Too Near

The biggest mistake one can make with concealer is the misconception that applying more will cover more. Drawing that huge triangle that many Youtube tutorials insist you must do will cause the thick layer to crease even more. Going too close the lash line will also make for easier creases as the skin is thinner and naturally has more wrinkles.


#4: Now Make It Stay

The single most important step out of all these is to blend and powder the area with care. No matter what type of concealer you use, always press it into the skin and make sure everything looks seamless. Quickly powder the area without squeezing your eyelids, so that the powder can lock it in before any creases form.



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