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5 Overnight Sleeping Masks That We Swear By

The key to waking up pretty with close to zero work on your end. Just slather, snooze and let these bottled miracles do the heavy lifting.

Sleeping (or overnight) masks epitomise lazy-girl skincare. All you need to do is pull your hair back, slather the product all over your face and go to sleep. You don’t even need to get up to wash it off. Just hit the sack, let the mask do all the heavy-lifting and wake up with skin prettier and more alive than the night before.

Compared to the other types of masks, the overnight variety isn’t as common. Great ones for all skin types and at every budget do exist, though. Because we’re so obsessed with masking and basically doing everything ourselves when it comes to skincare, we’ve got exactly five recommendations up our sleeves that we love and think you will to.

The Lancôme Energie De Vie Nuit The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask may sound like a mouthful, but it really is a very straightforward product. It looks and feels a little goopy at first, but the gel instantly turns into a water-like texture once it is spread over the skin. Lancôme’s overnight mask also smells amazing – yay, goji berries –and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin in the slightest.

For an overnight mask with an extra kick, there’s the Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask. Hyaluronic acid works to return moisture to the skin, peptides, black tea, blackberry leaf and lychee seeds give you that bounce, and Belle de Nuit – which sounds ridiculously sexy for a flower, by the way – repairs tired skin. It hydrates, rejuvenates and firms all at once. You can see why it comes with a rather steep price tag at S$144.

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you may want to try out the Skin Inc Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask. Formulated with Okinawa deep sea water and soy bean, the mask works deep without being too harsh on the skin. You’ll wake up with skin feeling and looking brighter. We like to use the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel to slough away dead skin first, so nothing stands in the way of the nutrients from the mask.

Good beauty products don’t have to be expensive. The cult-classic Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at S$42 is perfect proof. If figures are to be trusted, Laneige apparently sells a bottle every 12 seconds. The mask can feel a little sticky and thick, but we’re assuming it is because all the good things are being locked in tight for maximum absorption. Wear a soft headband to bed and you’ll be fine.

Now, our last option isn’t exactly a mask, but as it is a product meant to be worn overnight, we’re counting it in. We’re talking about the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules. The one that looks like a jar of bowling pin-shaped gummies. Just one ampoule’s worth is all you need for hydrated, glowing and visibly soothed skin in the morning.

Note that while it does feel very light for an oil-based product, it is still a facial oil. That oily feeling cannot be avoided. Again, push your hair back, try not to bury your face in your pillow forte and you’ll be fine. Also, those with ultra-ultra sensitive skin may want to skip the Advance Night Repair ampoules. We’ve said before that facial oils aren’t as intimidating as they look, but these ampoules are quite intensive. Best do your research before your hop on the bandwagon.

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