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The 5 Makeup Rules That You Need To Start Breaking

Time to strike off that “Must Try New Things” item on your list of beauty resolutions. These are perfect for your next after-hours party, too.

Thanks to the Kardashians and Jenners of the world, makeup is going maximal. We don’t think the no-makeup makeup look will ever expire, but the coming festive season is bringing out the adventurers in us. Well, at least when it comes to makeup and beauty products. We’ve been going on and on about jewel-tone eyes and we’ve admitted to being magpies when it comes to buying makeup. Now, it is time to lay down the rules that we won’t be conforming to come party season. Whether it’s a bright coloured eyeshadow you’ve never used or a glittery liquid lipstick you bought just because Kylie Jenner wore it, let the forgotten part of your vanity lead the way. If “trying new things” is an item on your resolution list, take that pencil, strike that off and join us in breaking the following makeup rules. Let’s have a little fun, shall we?


Not if Kylie Jenner has something to say about it. The metallic lips are coming out from the nineties and into fall. It all started when Miuccia Prada and makeup extraordinaire Pat McGrath sent models with gold lips down the runway last year. More and more beauty brands – from Jeffree Star and Kylie Cosmetics to Too Faced and Colour Pop – have been adding metallic lipsticks to their line-up ever since. Thanks to Fendi and DKNY, the metallic lip trend has expanded to include lips covered with visible specks of glitter. It is like kissing a unicorn.



While we will be the first to admit that matte lipsticks are much less of a mess, ultra-glossy lips just scream “look at me” when done right. It is just so chic. Just look at Dior’s burgundy-blue patent lips from Fall/Winter 2016, created using the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in 001. If you want to take it three steps further, Sigma Beauty just released holographic lip glosses that multiply the shine and trippiness several times fold. It is basically the cosmos in a tube and it is hella cool. Do we detect a new lip trend?



We love Urban Decay’s Naked palettes and Tarte’s Tartelette In Bloom with all our hearts, but the time to turn to pop colours is now. In case you haven’t heard, red and burgundy are the eyeshadow colours to go for this season. Everybody from Kristen Stewart to Lily Collins loves it – and so do we. Burgundy eyeshadows are in short supply – Chanel’s version is currently out of stock nearly everywhere – but you can always try dark blushes instead, like NARS Blush in Seduction.



It isn’t indeed, but like the metallic lips, the coloured mascara of the nineties is making a comeback. You don’t have to think too out of the box with these, though. Plum-coloured lashes add dimension to a burgundy eye, while a glitter mascara is a fun pop of detail to bring to your next holiday party. Why not match your lashes to your blindingly ostentatious party shoe?



If coloured mascara is too much for you, perhaps coloured eyeliner is more your speed. Why let your eyelids have all the fun? Black will always reign supreme, but adding a coloured accent to your waterline really separates the junkies from the basics. We love a little line of glitter along the lash line for an ethereal touch. (Ahem, Tarte has just released a glitter eyeliner called the Tarteist Pro Eye Jewel Glitter Liner and it looks dope. The hunt for it begins…)

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