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7 Best Runway Beauty Looks From Paris & How To Get Them

Lots of blush, smudged mascara and unfilled cat-eyes? Paris has shown us the ultimate ways to rock this unfinished business.

On the last stop of our fashion month world tour, you may have thought that we’ve already been through many of our favourites and we’re done and dusted on this joint. We’re all packed up – and back home! – but trust us when we say that you’ve yet to see it all. Milan’s beauty game didn’t let us down and Paris left us with countless oohs and aahs. Our phones keep lighting up with notifications – sadly not from friends – but instead, alerting us that there’s no more memory space on our phones left, because we’ve snapped way too many over the last month.

Look, were just going to come out and say it – some of these looks are over-the-top. But they’re fun. They’re 100% fun. While we’re not about to apply rhinestones on our lips and starve for the entire day just to avoid the accidental consumption of plastic and glue, fake beauty marks and 80s glitter eyes? That we’re down for on an adventurous day. From an au natural look sans eyeliner to an unfilled cat-eye, here’s how you can recreate some of the standout runway beat looks from Paris Fashion week, and maybe incorporate them into the upcoming party season.

Issey Miyake

Although eyeliner has always been a favourite, and an absolute must-have in our drawer, we do a little no-eyeliner look from time to time. Issey Miyake shows us how easy it is to achieve the upgraded fresh and glowy look, all with the simple touch of brown eyeshadow. Pick one that suits your skin tone, and blend it out with your fingers for a softer and more natural look. We like Ellis Faas’ Creamy Eyes in Taupe.


Glitter has always been the light of our lives, spilling into our clothing, bags, and shoes. We’re definitely no stranger to this, but having it full-on with a gelled-up brow? Hell yes. Not for the faint-hearted, you’re going to have to pack on that glitter for a saturated look. Experiment with different colours and sizes of glitters for contrasting looks. Glitter is fun, trust us. 


Maybe Lanvin got this look when they accidentally smudged mascara, or maybe they didn’t. We’re not complaining, because now we’ve got the perfect solution to both a cat-eye AND our smudged mascara. Killing two birds with one stone? Sounds like our kind of thing. Kevyn Auction’s The Essential Mascara has a fluffy brush and clump-free formula to achieve the look.


Blush applied to the corners of our eyes really help to bring more attention to the area and widen the eyes. To put it simply, it’s very much like contouring or strobing, but bolder and less natural. Simply apply blush as per normal, and bring it up into the ends of your eyes, right before where your eyebrows end. Charlotte Tilbury’s Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher in Love Glow is two perfectly pink shades in one, giving more depth to the look.


Cat-eye’s gotten too boring for you of late? Try this outlined cat-eye that’s bound to earn you turning heads. Leave your pencil and gel behind, because a hyper sharp eyeliner is the only one that can nail this look. The trick for this is to create your own template with a cutout piece of paper, and trace it for both sides, so that it looks equal. 


Meant for days where you feel like your gaze will freeze people over, this cool-toned eyeshadow look will have you repping the cool-girl-ice-queen vibes. Definitely wear this if you’re not feeling the need for social interaction that day. Until Chanel’s eyeshadow palette for the look arrives, try Smith & Cult’s Book of Eyes Palette in Ice Tears.


Beauty moles! The only kind of moles that you’d want to fake. Take any ol’ pencil eyeliner and draw in that dot. It matters where you place it, so remember that it attracts attention to the area. Maybe even draw over a pimple, to disguise it as a mole. We typically prefer liquid eyeliners, but in this case a pencil will work better, like Kjaer Weis Eye Pencil.

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