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A Beginner’s Guide to Cream Contours

It's really not that intimidating.

The art of contouring is a tricky one and we say art because like applying paint on a canvas, there are really no hard-and-fast rules to abide by. While there are plenty of YouTube tutorials that offer a manual to achieving Kardashian-level contouring, different strokes work for different folks. If you’re one for an au natural finish instead, you’ve come to the right place.

Typically, the makeup gurus of the internet point beginners to powder contours. But it’s summer and we want that dewy skin finish so let’s talk cream contours. Let’s get the concerns out of the way. Cream contours, relative to its contour parts, take a little more skill (and effort) to blend. And it takes proper setting for it to last all day. Well, that’s not terribly daunting, right?

To further build your confidence in approaching cream contours, here’s all that you need to know. Plus, click through the gallery above for a lineup of cream contour sticks that have won the seal of approval from makeup aficianados.

#1  The shade

Here’s a rule of thumb you can apply across the board with contours whether it’s a powder or cream formula. You ideally want a shade that’s three tones darker than your skin while staying within the same undertone. For instance, use a grayish-brown shade if your skin is cool-toned and a red-brown shade if your skin is warm-toned. Always pay attention to the undertones.

#2  The tools

Technically, you can use your fingers to blend a cream contour but we’d suggest a damp sponge for an even finish. Invest in a Beauty Blender, it just makes blending that much easier. And if you’re a makeup rookie, it’s an investment that’d save you from stepping out in public with unblended streaks (and the embarrassment that comes with it).

#3  The method

This is the trickiest part. Now, remember, there’s no template for contouring. You just have to follow the shadows on your face. You can start with first identifying the areas you’d like to bring more definition to. If it’s the cheekbones, you’d want to add contour beneath them. For a jawline that could cut through paper? The edges of your jaw bone should be the focus.

#4  The finish

With cream contours, you do not want to go over it with a powder. A setting spray works better for cream contours. You can set your bronzer without taking away from the dewy finish of cream products.

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