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A Five-Minute Trick On How To “Fix” Your Hairline

Perfected the slicked-back high-pony, only for it to be marred by a small, bare spot? A five-minute solution, coming right up.

Ever just wished your hair would grow out that one bald patch on the side of your forehead? Or if your hairline were just a little bit lower? You could go the long way and get some hair treatments in, but they can get very pricey and just isn’t a sustainable option for many. There are also serums and oils that you can apply for hair growth, but if we’re honest, most of them sound pretty bogus, and if they weren’t they’d probably set you back a couple of hundred a month.

You’ve probably heard your hairstylist giving the same advice over and over, but you just refuse to listen: switch sides and rest your go-to hair-part every once in a while. How many times have we actually listened? Guilty as charged. Waiting for that go-to part to be returned to its former glory takes time to. What if you need a quick fix? What if you’ve always had that one lacklustre area?

To achieve that perfect, Kim Kardashian-esque sleek back ponytail, there are actually a few inexpensive solutions you can opt for. Say goodbye to white skin patches and uneven hairlines, for the scarcity shall not shine! But with what, you may ask? Just refer to our list of various options right below, including quick and easy budget solutions and more long-lasting fixes.


Option #1: Handy Dandy Eyeshadow

A little trick that comes straight from le boss, is to fill in the little gaps on your hairline with a bit of eyeshadow powder. Sure, it may not look like hair up close, but dab it just on those areas where the hair grows a little thinner will give the illusion of a fuller, thicker mane. You could also experiment with some eyebrow pencils, drawing in actual hair-like lines that could easily fool anyone.


Option #2: Eyebrow gel for your hair

Girl, if it’s for the hair on your brows, it’ll work just fine for the hair on your hairline. Using an eyebrow gel will not only fill in and give more colour to the applied area, any baby flyaways will also be forced to stay down, leaving you with a neat, full hairline. Plus, it’s really quick, and won’t break the bank. You could even use it together with a bit of eyeshadow, just like you would your brows.


Option #3: Actual Coloured Hair Powder

For larger areas of hair scarcity, we recommend hair powder as it’s inexpensive, lasts for a longer time and covers a larger surface area. There are many different brands and types. If you’re looking to splurge, this spray-on type by Tempu is the quick, easy and not-messy. But if you’re treating the wallet with a bit of fragility, budget retail sites like Qoo10 stock the Ryo Hair Cushion that will give you instant, full-looking scalp.


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