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A Proper Guide To Taking Care Of Your Décolletage

What good is a porcelain like skin when wrinkles on our necks could potentially steer it into a negative light? Before you start panicking, we’ll break it down for you on how to keep neck wrinkles at bay.

If ageing gracefully isn’t one of your hopeful goals in life, then we’re here to seriously make you rethink giving your face and neck a little more TLC. Who wouldn’t want to look healthy, youthful, and damn beautiful through the decades? We sure do. With the latest K-beauty trend for having a glass-like skin going viral, we can’t help but wonder: what exactly do we have to do to stop wrinkles from appearing on our necks?

We’ll start this off by understanding the truth behind our neck’s skin. The reality of it is that it just isn’t the same as our faces. The skin on our neck is actually more likely to be victims of negligence. Our necks are one of the few body parts that are constantly exposed to the sun. Typical hats work to shield our faces, but our necks get the shorter end of the stick. More sun also means more UVA and UVB rays daily. The skin on our neck is also significantly thinner than our face.

Before you start panicking and going into an overdrive, we’re here with some tips (and holy grail products) on how to give your necks a little more TLC. More loving for your neck also equals lesser wrinkles from wear and tear. But, before we continue, we want you to note that at no point is it too late to start taking good care of your skin. And, neck, in this case. If you already have a daily routine you stick to, there’s really no harm in adding in an extra step for neck care. I personally like leaving neck care to the last step to avoid any unnecessary layering or diluting of products.

Another really simple way to help tighten the skin around our necks is to give it a quick massage every morning. Stretching exercises offer a noticeable change to the loose and (maybe slightly wobbly) neck skin when combined with an upward massaging motion. Use this step with your neck care products to avoid any dragging of the skin.

Basic steps and guidelines aside, it’s time we shared with you our little secret. Or secrets. Basically our holy grail products. When it comes to caring for our neck, it’s important to know that you should look for a a product that offers restoration and repair. A really good example of this would be the By Terry’s Liftessence Neck Cream. This bad boy will help your neck to smooth, tighten, and regain firmness for a more lifted appearance. It’s also intensely hydrating so expect softer and more supple looking skin. Look out for serums, moisturisers and creams that boost collagen, elastin, and contain hyaluronic acid.

And above all else, it’s also important that we all sleep right, eat better, and live life a little kinder. It’s okay if your skin’s texture doesn’t change overnight. Achieving porcelain like skin and a wrinkle-less neck is a journey that we are all on together. Listed below are some of our favourite products to help you breakup with your long-standing relationship with neck wrinkles.

Youth Corridor Ultimate Eye and Neck Repair Crème

Natura Bissé Tensolift Neck Cream

Omorovicza Firming Neck Cream

By Terry Cellularose Liftessence Neck Cream

This Works No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture

Lancer Contour Décolleté Firming Concentrate

111 Skin Y Lift Neck & Décolletage Serum

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