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A Quick Handbook On The Different Types of Lipstick, So You’ll Never Be Left Wondering Again

WHY ON EARTH ARE THERE SO MANY? To each her own, because it really depends on your needs and your lips. Here, we break down the basics.

So, you’re in love with this colour. The perfect nude, the only one you would need for days on end. But wait, there’s a squeeze tube version of the bullet lipstick you’re used to. You stop, confused, standing in front of the shelf, wondering why there is ever a need for this many variations of lipstick. Whatever is the difference?

If you’re stuck in this situation, don’t panic, we’re here to help.

Most of the time, it’s about preference. Do you like your lipstick glossy, hydrating, matte? Are your lips in need of a moisture boost in the cold winter or does it need to last through a night of wining and dining? Below, we list down seven most common types of lipstick applicators to determine which one would suit you best.

1. The Classic Bullet

Ahh, the lipstick you’re most familiar with. Bullets are easy and small, but they’re not the most precise and will one-hundred percent screw up your red lip. If you already dislike this, keep reading.

2. The Reimagined Bullet

The pointed tip and rounded bottom of the classic bullet will disappear after a few uses. That is why square or triangular-shaped bullets have been designed, for all of us out there who love the texture of a bullet lipstick without having to balance a steady hand and light strokes. What we also love is how the shape of a sharp tip does not change even as you move through the product. Life-changing.

3. Squeeze Tube

Usually, squeeze tubes are for lip glosses as the liquid is viscous and easily manipulated. Again, it’s not made for precision, but it’s also the most hygienic. There’s no fear of dead skin residue sitting atop the product or dipping saliva back in. A bit graphic, but you get the point.

4. Doe Foot

As much as we wished lipstick applicators could be more hygienic, the truth is that convenience always trumps. We can’t imagine pulling out a lip brush every time we need a touch-up in public, so the doe foot applicator is truly a well-made invention. This is the go-to applicator for most liquid lipsticks.

5. Marker

Have you ever had the urge to draw your lips with your stationery when you were a kid? Well, you can! Often used for lip tints that have more watery textures, lip markers can come in various shapes and sizes. Our favourite thing about this is how precise you can be with it. But be warned! Some textures may bleed over the lines.

6. Lipstick Palette

You may not think of lipstick palettes to be the most convenient or compact form of lipstick, but it’s the best thing to bring on your travels. Imagine the amount of space six bullet lipsticks would take and compare it to a small, thin and very light palette. Plus, it usually comes with a lip brush, so bringing it out with you in your purse wouldn’t really be that inconvenient now, would it?

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