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The Most Affordable And Unsuspecting Pimple Cure You’ve Never Heard Of

No pretty, fancy packaging. Just a green tin with gritty paste that smells a lot like sulphur and costs five bucks. Admit it, you're intrigued.

When it comes to big, red and very angry pimples, it seems that us girls have our own way of dealing with it. The different types of pimple remedies usually includes creams, pimple stickers and masks of sorts. But have you ever heard of ointments for pimples? Sounds a bit sketchy, right? Like the type that our grandparents would use for different types of wounds and entail an hour long of unpleasant scent in the air.

First recommended by a friend who could practically be a spokesperson by the way she advocates it, Nixoderm is her ultimate pimple cure. I gave it a shot, and bought one of them small and green, tin containers from my local drugstore.

I was really sceptical of it, and found the smell of sulphur really repulsive at first, but eventually got used to it. Now, this thing actually works. It calmed a row of pimples that I’ve been trying to get rid of for a week, in just one night.

So, what exactly is it? This balm-like ointment – that only costs less than five bucks – claims to help with pimples, blackheads, itching, rashes and ringworms on the skin or scalp. It only has three ingredients and is free of any fragrances or chemicals, consisting of benzoic acid (6%), salicylic acid (2.5%) and precipitated sulphur (4.6%). This is pretty potent, and I would not recommend it for sensitive skin types. Plus, sulphur and benzoic acid are ingredients that are not to be used on irritated skin, so this product should only be used for those with mild, more stubborn pimples rather than the big newly-formed ones.

Because of the acids and sulphur present in the formula, it will also leave a burning sensation for a good three to five minutes. It comes in a tub which isn’t the most hygienic of packagings. Also, there is a bit of grit in it. You definitely will need a good cleanser to rub any residue off as it sits on the skin like a coating. I usually put this over my normal skincare too, so that it is slightly more diluted.

In other parts of the world, other manufacturers add ingredients such as menthol and titanium dioxide. So always, always check your labels, and patch test it before applying it to the more obvious places on your skin. I’ve learned that the hard way, many times. But this, though? I think this qualifies as my version of those random, unassuming beauty secrets that celebrities have. Hey, if anyone wants to interview me and ask about my beauty secrets, I’m down! Anyone? No? Okay.

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