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An Exclusive Look Inside Hermès’ New Beauty Line

From where you can get your hands on one to how much it will set you back, here's everything you need to know about the collection.

The house of Hermès holds itself at the highest regard in the business of luxury. Since its establishment decades ago in 1837, the maison has emerged as a purveyor of high fashion and leather goods. Even if you were unfamiliar with the lauded brand, you would have at some point heard of its highly sought after Birkin bag or cooed over its iconic scarves. Having cemented a strong footing in both the fashion and leather goods arena, the French maison has now set its sight on the beauty realm. You bet, if it is created by Hermès, it would be far from being yet another beauty line.

In its quest to redefine beauty, Hermès’ new métier dives below the superficial to unearth the a deeper meaning. Beauty, in the words of the maison’s artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas, is “not about appearance but about well-being.” The result: lipsticks designed with such unmatched artistry that they might as well be objects of art.

Much buzz has surrounded the launch of the new beauty line in the short time it has been announced. Here, we bring you all the deets about what might perhaps be the most exciting beauty launch of the year. We know it’s only February but read on and you’ll probably echo our sentiment.

#1: The collection is coined Rouge Hermès

Rouge Hermès – named after the house’s first signature colour on leather – marks the first chapter of the maison’s foray into beauty. It is a full-fledged collection of 24 lipsticks – 10 with a matte finish and 14 others with a satin finish.

#2: The matte lipsticks are shaped differently from the satin ones 

For the matte finish, the stick is pointed to allow for precise and defined application. For the satin finish, on the other hand, the stick is rounded to allow for a fuller, more generous application.

#3: A handcrafted lacquered wooden brush is a part of the collection

With distinguishable white, orange and black coloured rings, the brush attests to the house’s prowess in crafting brushes since 1973. The short but thick bristles are designed to pick up colours for a pigmented and precise application on the lip.

#4: There’s a universal lip pencil in the collection too

As its name suggests, the universal lip pencil is a one shade fits all regardless of lipstick shade or skin colour. Applied all over the lip, it adds to the longevity of the lipstick. And when applied as an outline, it redefines the contour of the lips and prevents the lip colour from bleeding.

#5: And a lip care balm

A formula concocted with a high concentration of beeswax and candelilla wax, the balm promotes the lips’ water retention capacity. With a non-shiny finish, the balm offers intense hydration whether applied before or after the application of lipstick.

#6: That’s not all – the last product in the line-up is a lip gloss

Coined the Poppy lip shine, the ultra-glossy and luminous formula enhances the natural lip by leaving it ever so lightly tinted. Perfect for the days when you’re trying to nail the no-makeup, makeup look.

#7: In true Hermès fashion, no collection is complete without accessories

A mirrored lipstick case, a pop-up lipstick case embedded with unique stitching and a moon mirror attached to a cord are the collection’s equally desirable accompanying accessories.

#8: The collection’s hues draw its inspiration from the maison’s archives of leather and silk

The 24 colours take it inspiration from an expansive list of 75,000 shades from the archives of its silk métier and 900 more from its repertoire of leathers.

#9:  The lipsticks are refillable

Created with sustainability at its core, every lipstick tube is built with an interchangeable mechanism that can be switched out when it is empty.

#10:  When, where you can buy them and how much they would set you back

The collection will be available for purchase from 4 March onwards at all of the brand’s boutiques. Rest assured, they won’t set you back by tens of thousands like a Birkin. Each lipstick comes with the price tag of SGD$103.

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