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An Updated List of The New Rose Products To Get Behind

Ah roses, so much more than just a pretty face. We've gone at length about the benefits of rose on the skin and we're not anywhere close to stopping, guilty as charged.

Oh, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet – as long as it is still a rose we are talking about. Ever since smelling a real rose in San Francisco’s famous Rose Garden several years ago – and not the rubbish ones that smell like leaf water – and finding my signature fragrance in the rose-heavy Gris Dior from Dior and Red Roses from Jo Malone, I decided that the scent of a rose in bloom, whichever type it might be, was my go-to favourite scent.

Then, came the rose-infused products. Man, this is a flower that keeps on giving. Well, minus the thorns. Those, we don’t need.

Chockfull of healing, hydrating, calming and antioxidant properties whilst smelling basically like heaven and available in a variety of forms from mists to oils to balms, rose-infused products are a vanity table must-have. We’ve reviewed countless rose-infused products in the past and we’re not putting the brakes on that anytime yet. Remember that one time we reviewed a rose-infused blush shaped like actual rose petals? Yeah, we went that far.

Because my love for rose-infused products cannot be denied or quenched, and because they just keep coming and coming, I’ve put together a list of rose-infused products that you should get behind in you feel ever so inclined, from one rosehead – that’s a thing, I’m calling it – to another.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist

While not technically new to the market, Herbivore did just land in Singapore a couple of months ago, so it counts. We don’t second guess when it comes to Herbivore – their Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask is some sort of magic – and this mist is no different. Held in a glass bottle, which means it is 100 percent reusable, Rose Hibiscus gives the skin a light touch of Bulgarian rose – my favourite kind of rose – and hibiscus that simultaneously tone, protect and hydrate, while citric acid within subtly exfoliates. It does smell a little sweet, so if you that isn’t you thing, you might want to skip this.

By Terry Micellar Water Cleanser

When it comes to rose products with more than a hint of luxe, By Terry kind of kills it. Formulated with white rose cells and black and white rose extracts – very romantic – this micellar water lifts dirt and makeup off your face without stripping it of moisture. Your skin feels clean, but it also feels soft and supple. This doubles as a toner, too!

By Terry Baume de Rose Flaconette Lip Protectant

Now, believe when I say that By Terry’s Baume de Rose is one of the best lip balms in existence. Period. There is no fight to give. However, the original version comes in a pot, and that isn’t the best idea as it invites bacteria if you’re not careful. So, what does By Terry do? Pop it into a tube that you can just slip into your bag and dab on your lips without using your fingers. Uh, yes?

Kora Organics Rose & Noni Daily Hand Cream

Call this Part Deux of my love letter to Kora Organics. The Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil been my bedside must-have since I found it and it has since been joined by this lovely little hand cream that smells absolutely delicious and feels like a dream on the skin. The finish is light and velvety, seeping into the skin quickly and leaving a thin film of hydration on the surface.

Pixi Rose Tonic

Their Glow Tonic has officially reach legendary status – I’ve gone through bottles and bottles – and this Rose Tonic is not far behind. While the glow tonic is more of a gentle exfoliant, this one is more on the calming side, making it perfect for bad skin mornings. Them dollar dollar bills, willingly given.

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