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Anti-Frizz Hair Serums that Will Fit Into Your Microbags

Just like your makeup, your hair could use touching up throughout the day too. Take these bottles anywhere with you for good hair on the go.

After your routine hair wash in the morning, you meticulously blow dry your hair, set it into place with your go-to hair oil or serum and are finally ready to face the day with your salon-grade tresses. Lo and behold, moments after you step out the door follows a strong gust of wind blowing your perfectly coiffed mane into an unrecognisable mess. If it’s not the wind you’re up against, you have the good ‘ol humidity of the tropics to combat. On the worst of days, you get handed a combination of both.

Living near the equator, your hair essentially takes on multiple personalities – tame indoors but absolutely wild the moment you’re out in the humidity. A girl has to be prepared. The same way your makeup requires touching up, a dollop of hair serum or oil goes a long way in defrizzing your locks and keeping them looking shiny throughout the day – only that carrying a lipstick around is far more convenient than lugging a full-sized bottle of hair product. There aren’t that many hair serums and oils which would fit comfortable in most handbags and even if they did, can you imagine the mess an accidental spillage would make? We already have 99 problems and we do not need this to be another, period.

Before you entirely rule out the idea, consider these travel-sized bottles fitted with secure applicators as a plausible remedy to keeping the frizz at bay throughout the day. We dare say they’d fit even into a microbag.

Joon Saffron Hair Elixir Pistachio and Rose Hair Oil

When anything comes packaged with a dropper, you’d take that as an indicator of just how potent a product is. It’s a visual cue to use the content of said vessel with caution. As its packaging may suggest, the Joon Saffron Hair Elixir Pistachio and Rose hair oil concoction is one with a thick consistency comparable to that of moroccan hair oils. A dollop goes a long way. Granted its name reads elixir, what’s the magic, you ask?  Unlike products of comparable consistency, the Joon hair oil settles into your hair without leaving much else than a subtle shine. More tangible by touch than sight, the oil will leave your tresses feeling manageable and soft to the touch. However, if you’re on the hunt for an oil to tame flyaway hair, this might not be the formula for you.

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Working Serum

The best serums in our books are the ones that tame stubborn baby hairs without weighing down voluminous locks. To all the hair serums and oils that have subjected us to flat, limp hair, we have said, thank you, next! The Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Working serum ticks both our boxes. A lightweight formula that glides evenly throughout the hair, the serum dutifully delivers. However, the effect wears off sooner than we would have liked for it to. But hey, if it fits in your microbag, reapplication on the go is hardly a hassle.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Strengthening Treatment Oil

We at the Kulala team have been fans of Briogeo for awhile now. Having tried the other products from the range, the expectations for the Don’t Despair, Repair strengthening treatment oil were set pretty high. You already know the vegan, cruelty-free brand pegs itself to high standards with the ingredients that go into the make of its hair care range. No exceptions here. The silicone-free formula not only tames frizz when applied, the lightweight oil also works overtime to repair split ends and damaged hair for healthier tresses over time. We love us a product that is more than just temporary relief.


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