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Cult-Favourite Skin Care Gadgets to Add to Your Beauty Routine

From LED facial masks to pulsating massagers, these are the beauty gadgets you need to up your at-home skin care game.

If you’re a beauty junkie, going to the dermatologist is somewhat the adult-equivalent of trips to the science park as a kid. It’s like stepping foot years ahead into the future. Fancy gadgets aplenty. Lasers to zap away uneven skin tone, intense pulsed light systems to turn back the clock on wrinkles, dermapen microneedling treatment to give your skin a new lease of life…it’s an endless list. This coming together of technology and skincare in the past was for the most part only privy to certified professionals. Skin care devices never used to leave the dermatologist’s office.

In the last two years, however, beauty gadgets have found its way to the forefront of home-based skin care routines. The coming together of beauty and technology has birth a fast expanding roster of devices. We’re not talking your manual face roller thingamajigs, these beauty instruments are fool-proof alternatives, if you will, to the serious, big machinery stuff. These are a fancy upgrade from the regular rotation of potions on creams stereotypical of skincare routines. You could give yourself a routine UV light treatment to keep the crows feet at bay or lighten a scar with a LED spot treatment.

With beauty, consistency is key – all the more reason to add these gadgets to your beauty arsenal. You could be your own rookie dermatologist. Surely these devices would come in handy when your schedule does not allow a quick stopover at your skin doctor’s. From a full-face LED light therapy mask to an app-controlled facial stimulator, we have rounded up a list of devices that will take you straight to the future of skin care.

ést.lab Intelligent Eye Revitaliser Tri-Action Massager

Tired puffy eyes and dark circles are some of the most common skincare grips amongst women. It’s also the seemingly most impossible to rid off. You can massage them away with your jade roller but after a night of binge-watching Netflix you bet they’d make their grand comeback. The Intelligent Eye Revitaliser Tri-Action Massager is designed to keep them at bay through a combination of hot compress, LED Red Light Therapy and sonic vibrations. You could think of it as a soothing, rejuvenating eye massage to wind down with at the end of the day. A word of caution – you want to be careful with the eye cream you’re applying prior to using the massager. Find one that is not too oily for your skin otherwise you’d be risking oil seeds underneath your eye.

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light +++

Light therapy is a big thing when it comes to skin care gadgets. Various lights boast varying benefits to the skin. For instance, red light renews and repairs damaged cells, yellow light gives dull skin its glow back, blue light soothes the skin, orange is great for anti-aging and purple light goes easy on sensitive skin. The Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light +++ with all five hues is suitable for pretty much any skin type. This one earns plus points on versatility you can alternate between the colours to serve a whole range of skin needs.

Foreo UFO

We love us some Foreo. We’ve previously raved about the brand’s Luna cleansing device. Our bar is definitely set up pretty high when it comes to skin care innovations from the brand. While much of the techy skin care stuff employs light therapy of sorts to remedy skin woes, the Foreo UFO is crafted with an entirely different purpose. When you’re home masking sans your facialist to massage all the goodness of your facial mask in, the Foreo UFO is a stand-in. Upon activation, it glides all over your face and neck to evenly distribute the mask’s essence. You wouldn’t even have to lift a finger!

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

If you weren’t exactly aware of what the Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro is exactly meant to do for your skin, you would have seen it around on social media enough times to know of its existence. Known for its anti-aging and acne-fighting properties through the employment of a combination of LED lights, the full-face mask is a quick 3-minute treatment before you end your nighttime skin care routine with a serum or moisturiser. A cult-favourite, the LED light mask currently has a waiting list on Sephora.

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes

Another LED light employing gadget from Skin Ince, the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses for Bright Eyes is designed to brighten and depuff the eye area. The best part about this device is the fact that you can have it on while you’re working at your desk or going about your chores. Hands-free, it’s a quick treatment for any time of the day. Also, we love how it makes us look like we could play a character in a sci-fi film.  

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