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Treat Yo’ Self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

From sonic pulsation technology to rose quartz, these are the tools you never knew your face needed. They'll cost you, but we don't call them splurges for nothin'.

This week, we’re focusing on how you can get more out of your current skincare routine with the help of a couple of tools. Rubbing oils or serums into the skin with your fingers is not a foreign technique, so why not go the extra step with a couple of massaging tools to really get it all in there?

Buying a massager may sound like a waste of money, but really, it does so much more than just spreading product over the skin. Many of these tools use vibrations or temperature that help to stimulate blood circulation and cellular renewal that tightens, strengthens and brightens the skin. Do you need them? Well no, but we don’t call them splurges for nothin’. Plus, do you really need anything?

Relaxing those facial muscles can also be part of a nightly wind-down routine, alleviating stress will in turn decrease the risks of acne. From Refa to Foreo, beauty brands are jumping on board with special devices that mimic an expert facial that you can recreate at home. They don’t come cheap, but they’ll stick with you for a while. Scroll down to read more about what each individual one does.

Refa O Style Massager

Remember the Refa Carat massager that’s basically facelift on a stick? Well, here’s a different version that provides the same firming and lifting benefits. The real difference is the difference in size, where this allows for easier manoeuvring along the jawlines or forehead. One more thing: it actually has a solar panel attached that powers a micro-current for added circulation and cellular renewal.

Foreo UFO

This may look really daunting – we think it looks like a speaker – but using this device with your mask can actually be life-changing. It has so many functions that we’re actually in awe. Heating, cooling and sonic pulsations help the good stuff penetrate the skin better. Then, there are LED lights in it, the usual red, blue and green that’s used for anti-aging, radiance and acne respectively.

Nurse Jamie Uplift Massage Beauty Roller

A beauty roller that’s compact, effective and doesn’t need batteries screams travel companion right away. With 24 tourmaline quartz stones and a hexagonal shape, massaging any part of your face will come with ease, stimulating better blood circulation and overall complexion.

Nurse Jamie Eyeonix Eye Massaging Beauty Tool

An under-eye massager might seem excessive, but the skin in the area is thin and easily bruised, so massaging it would require something gentler. Just like the other tools, it emits a high-frequency vibration that helps to stimulate collagen production for tightening and brightening.

Foreo Luna 2 Cleansing System for Normal Skin

Ah, the very popular cleansing system that the general public is skeptical of. Does it work? You bet. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean, waterproof and most importantly, cleans your skin well. It only takes a minute to do the job and also has a sonic pulsation technology that removes dead skin cells. (If you’re on a budget, there’s the smaller Luna Play.)

Foreo IRIS™ Eye Massager

Inspired by fingertip-tapping massages, say goodbye to cramped up fingers and sore hands. This eye massager uses the same sonic pulsations in the Foreo Luna to work eye creams or serums into the skin, as well as decrease puffiness and dark eye circles in the area. You can use it with your eyes closed. Hey, extra shuteye!

Herbivore Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Crystals, jades and rose quartz have always had healing properties that help to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation. It’s gorgeous, helps to release tension and stress, promote lymphatic drainage and reduces the appearance of dark eye circles. The stone is naturally cold, but for that extra burst of de-puffing effect, stick it in the refrigerator. And look how pretty it is!

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