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Treat Yo’Self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

From a gold-infused mask and a neck cream for that turkey neck to a lip tint that you can peel right off your lips. It sounds weird, but it works.

It’s been a month since our last beauty splurge! Seeing as summer is just around the corner and we were just recently in Maldives for a special project with Jimmy Choo, we’ve really been into under-the-sun beauty over the last weeks. This week, however, we’re looking at skincare and beauty that nourishes deep into the skin, whether it’s the skin on your face or the skin on your legs. With all the travelling we’ve been doing as we hop from cruise show to cruise show, all that deep skin action is necessary. So, without further ado, we present this week’s beauty splurges, from a gold-infused mask to a cream that attacks that turkey neck. We’ve also thrown in one of the most unique (and long-lasting!) lip tints we’ve ever seen even though it’s a little out of the week’s genre. Hey, when you’re rushing from plane to plane, ain’t nobody got time to reapply lipstick, okay?

Legology Killer Legs Kit

It’s about time someone made a beauty kit solely dedicated to pampering our legs. This quadruple-treat helps to remove retention, even out skin tone, exfoliate and boost circulation so you get those perfect, killer legs. (Though, you could probably use the kit for the rest of your body if you wanted to.)

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Brush

We love Hourglass anything here at Team KULALA, so their brushes are no different. The bristles are soft, yet they’ve got a good grip, giving you a quick and easy application process. This one’s good for foundations, but you can use it for your finishing powders as well.

Oribe Gold Envy Luminous Face Mask

Are you obsessed with gold-infused beauty products yet? With peptides that deliver actual gold particles, edelweiss flower extract, evening primrose and sweet almond oil that all aim to restore youth, elasticity and hydration to your skin, Oribe’s might just win you over for good.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Having a major skin emergency and in need of an overnight miracle? It’s Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask to the – well –rescue! This baby has been voted as InStyle’s “Best Mask For Congested Skin” for SEVEN (!) years in a row, so it’s not pulling anybody’s leg here. We love how it targets multiple problems at once: honey for hydration, almonds to exfoliate, camphor to sooth, clay to absorb excess oils and glycerine to condition.

Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack

There are three things that K-beauty excels at: sheet masks, sunscreens and lip tints. This one from Berrisom may be the most unique one of them all. After applying it on your puckers, the tint formula dries so that you can peel it off like a sticker. It is then guaranteed to stay on for 12 hours, through all the meals and drinks. It’s weird, but it works.

Omorovicza Firming Neck Cream

If you’re looking for something that’ll attack those fine lines on your neck and nothing else has worked, try Omorovicza. Made without synthetic fragrances or parabens, this cream specifically targets the skin on your neck using white truffle enzymes, wrinkle-fighting leontopodic acid from edelweiss flowers and their anti-aging Hydro Mineral Transference system.

Skin Inc Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask

Skin Inc scores at making no BS beauty products for sensitive skin. This gooey, see-through mask hydrates and firms without overpowering the skin in the slightest, but what’s great about it is that you can choose to either wash it off or leave it on before bed for it to really sink through your skin as you sleep. Lazy girl beauty? Yes, please.

Main Photo: Imaxtree

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