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Treat Yo’self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

Made from au naturale ingredients, we've curated a list of organic skincare for all skin types. Here's one to mother nature!

When I was a child, I never knew much about organic products. I always had this naive mindset that organic equals to vegetables and carrots. I didn’t like carrots, so my brain pretty much shut itself down when the word “organic” gets throw at me. If we’re talking about being practical, it’s always easier to pick up a non-organic product from a drugstore vis a vis searching high and low for cruelty-free, vegan and 100 percent natural alternatives. Especially more tempting when said non-organic product works like a charm.

The thing is, there is a way to get to the ethically responsible products that are not only made of stuff that can only do good things for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin, but also good for the environment and nature at large. That means less or no chemicals with dizzying names, animal testing and excessive packaging.

As the beauty industry takes a more wholesome approach to its products, so comes an increasing variety of responsible organic products, from plant extracts to cold-pressed oils, green tea to avocado, coffee beans to cacao. You’re not alone if you feel just slightly tempted to uh, take a lick. Shop our au naturale edit below. Brownie points to these brands for using sustainable methods!

Kora Organics By Miranda Kerr Cream Cleanser 

The moment you reach home, all you want to do is wipe away all the grime and dirt. That’s why the Kora Organics cream cleanser is first on our list. Enriched with noni extract, aloe, sandalwood, avocado, rosehip and macadamia nut oil – these nourishing ingredients are super gentle to the skin. If this cleanser gets us one step closer to achieving Miranda Kerr’s god-sent skin, we are down-under (get it?) for it.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

The Ordinary has been making rounds with beauty YouTubers and we are not surprised why. Apart from its very affordable no-frills products (this oil costs below $20), this light nutty scent is a cold-pressed blend with organic rose hip oil to hydrate, calm and treat any redness and damaged tissue.

Tata Harper Purifying Mask 

Restart your skin with Tata Harper’s purifying mask that is set to dissolve free radicals and pollutant build-up on your skin. With over 20 high performing ingredients including Vitamin E that will minimise aging and dull complexion.

Caudalie Grape Water 

Perfect for the sensitive skin, this 100 percent organic grape water is extracted directly from actual grapes. This versatile spritz can be used as a toner after cleansing or as a mid-day mist refresh. Now, we wonder if it’s edible? Mouth spray? No?

Pai Skincare Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream

Formulated with a mild anti-bacterial to prevent breakouts, this day cream is packed with Omega 6, which mattifies and evens out skin tone. Let it sit on your skin for a good minute to drink up the goodness!

Sister & Co Raw Cacao & Coffee Sugar Scrub

Grounded with robusta coffee beans, raw cacao butter, cold-pressed pumpkin seed and sweet almond oil, the ingredients that goes into this body scrub is 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free. Each scrub will slough away the dead skin cells whilst softening your skin and energising your mind – giving you your overdue pick-me-up session. It’s basically like drinking coffee, but in the shower and naked.

Tata Harper Lip Treatment

Keep your lips hydrated and plump with Tata Harper’s Lip Treatment, enriched with date palm extract that helps to boast collagen and packed with antioxidant properties from rhubarb, acai and green tea oils. The lip treatment come in a rosy tinted version too!

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