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Treat Yo’self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

We bring to you makeup splurges that you can apply in a jiffy and will send you out the house in five minutes looking fresh as a daisy.

On days where we accidentally snooze that alarm, only to jolt up from our beds in startling realisation that we’re late, we end up skipping our whole makeup routine. Unfortunately, applying eyeliner and contouring our face is simply not something that can be rushed through. After all, nobody wants their colleagues to look at them with concerned and furrowed eyebrows, all while saying, “Are you sick? You look a little pale.” Yes, it has happened before. This comes from personal experience. I pressed the snooze button is all!

For this week’s beauty splurges, we’ve got the solution to your mad mornings with a couple of easy-application products that will ensure a glowy and fresh face to set you out the door. With the swipe of a hydrating lip-tint and a multi-stick that is both highlighter and blusher in one, we’ll help you attain the freshest face ever in the history of five-minute makeup routines.

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence Moisturising Toner

No matter how late or how lazy you are, never skip hydration. It’ll only help your makeup to glide on better. Plus, this is a mist, so there’s no excuse not to spritz some on, whether you’re on the go or not. This toner is also packed with hyaluronic acid and Gotu Kola Extract, both that work towards hydrating and reducing fine lines. Make sure to spritz liberally all over your face and neck.

Zelens Active Concealer

A concealer that comes in the form of a pen only makes your life that much easier. Just click a couple times, dab it on and blend out with your fingers. It really only takes about a minute with this formula, since it’s easy to blend, and gives enough coverage for your undereyes.

3ina The Eyebrow Mascara

Let’s face it – nobody has the time to shape their eyebrows in the morning rush. With a pencil, it’s easy to have your eyebrows look too thick, or become lopsided. This isn’t going to give you serious brows on fleek, but it’ll at least fill your brows in.


Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Albeit any ol’ mascara would do the trick, this mascara is clump-free and flake-free, which is going to make for a quick and perfect application. The formula also contains a trifecta of biotin, shea butter and ariginine, all that work together to repair, strengthen, and nourish lashes.

NARS The Multiple in Orgasm

Blush, highlight, and contour. All with one swipe? It’s super achievable! Simply swipe the blush upwards into your hairline, like you would a highlight, and allow the product to do the rest. Use it to do draping as well, which is basically using your blush as a contour. It leaves a much more natural-looking flush rather than the usual sculpted contour.

Wander Beauty Eyes on the Fly Dual Cream Shadow and Eyeliner

What better product than one that serves more than just two purposes? Use this to draw your eyeliner with the kohl end, then apply eyeshadow with the other. Bonus tip: use it to highlight your brow bone, nose bridge and cupid’s bow. It’ll make you look more glowy and radiant in an instant.

Lana Essential Lip Tint Trio

We’ve taken this lip tint to the pool, and it came back without losing its colour. We wished this hydrating formula would last through our meal too, but in reality, nothing can escape the clutches of oil. Apply this all over like you would a normal liquid lipstick, or dab and blend a little on the centre of your lips for a more gradient and natural look.

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