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Treat Yo’ Self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

To kickstart the new year with a bang, we've rounded up the most mind-blowing products that do more than just look or sound strange.

Welcome to the year 2018, where we find the wackiest and weirdest (but not the most useless) beauty products on the market! This week, we’re all about juxtaposed beauty finds. We’re talking about a powder that hydrates, an intimidating black blush, a tool to stab your face with and more. If you’re the type to find conventional products too subpar and boring, these are the things that will definitely add jazz hands and fun to your life. There’s a little bit of a mind-blowing situation going on here, but don’t forget to read on as we find out how and if these work.

Temptu airpod™ Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch Up & Hair Colour

If you’ve got constant appointments with your salon regarding the colour of your locks, this might just save you from the black-roots look when an important event pops up. It’s oil-free and lightweight, water and transfer-proof, and it lasts for 24 hours. Consider it, if you relate to the constant struggle of having to resort to hats as a backup.

Nurse Jamie Beauty Stamp

Fancy a little micro-needling for your skin? There’s no need to head for a facial now, since you can do it all by yourself with this little shaver-looking tool. By poking micro holes into the upper dermis, your skin will be able to absorb serums and moisturisers much easier. In turn, this reduces fine lines and wrinkles, all while keeping you looking radiant and youthful.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 

We often find ourselves over-applying our serum. It dries quickly and doesn’t ever feel sufficient because it feels so lightweight. These capsules will not only control the amount you should be using, but also make it super convenient for all your travels. Just think about it, no more heavy glass bottled serums with huge as heck pumps that’ll only leak in your makeup pouch. Plus, its got a bunch of good-for-you ingredients like sea fennel extract and linoleic acid.

Lipstick Queen Cream Blush In Black Lace Rabbit

“Wait, what?” was our first thought when we set eyes on this blush. This sounds like something straight out of a goth movie, but is surprisingly a really nice shade of deep purple. It’s got something to do with matching pH levels and skin tone, meaning it’ll turn a different shade for everyone. It’s also enriched with Vitamin E and shea butter, which is great to combat dry skin.

Dr Sebagh Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream

You’ve heard us talk about Vitamin C before and how much we love it. With approval from the founder of Allies of Skin, we’re always on the lookout for Vitamin C products. This powder seems like a gimmicky vial of white powder, but turns to cream when it makes contact with your skin. It’s the purest form we can find, and literally only has six ingredients on its list. It’s also great if you mix it into a moisturiser of your choice and will definitely give a boost to your skincare routine.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

A dry sheet mask sounds absolutely peculiar and there’s no way of wrapping our heads around how it hydrates the skin. In a nutshell, it’s got a bunch of active ingredients in it that’s released when you push and massage the mask against your skin. If Wayne Goss approves of it, that means it really does work. The most surprising part, however, is the fact that it’s reusable. The website states that it’ll last for three uses, and – although it’s not recommended – can be used over your makeup. Crazy, right?

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

We’ve been on the hunt for a loose powder that doesn’t set into the under eye crease and we think we’ve found the one. Just as its name suggests, hyaluronic powder is apparently a thing, and can help you with all the moisture you need in your skin. The best way to apply it is to use a brush, but cover any large pores and creases with a touch of powder using your fingers. Oil-free but hydrated? Sounds like the perfect formula to us.

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