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Treat Yo’ Self: 7 Beauty Splurges To Make This Week

Stressing out and not getting enough beauty sleep? Invigorate and revitalise with aromatherapy, we say! We've got your starter kit righhhhht here.

There’s no feeling of warmth and comfort like laying back with a good read in hand and the gentle patter of rain on the windowpane. The most relaxing thing we can think of at present, however, is a warm cup of hot cocoa coupled with the scents of a Christmas candle. Aromatherapy is our new favourite obsession, and we can’t get enough of drowning ourselves in essential oils. (Face included.) A girl’s got to destress to keep her skin from breaking out.

A few of the more common health benefits of aromatherapy include being an anti-depressant, stress reliever, memory booster, headache reliever and sleep regulator. It’s been around for thousands of years, and is popular in countries like India, England and France. Even though you could probably get aromatherapy with a professional through a spa session, we like the comfort of our own home and all the hundred and one pillows it comes with. Plus, we get to fall asleep undisturbed for hours. What spa gives you that privilege, huh?

To help you build your own little spa, we’ve got all you need in this little list we’ve prepared. From bath oils to diffusers, get ready for that big “aaaaahhhh” when you hit peak relaxation, along with heaps of snoozing. Yep. Excuse us while we hit the tub, then the sheets. They don’t call it the holiday season for nothing.

Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist

If you’re feeling the heat getting to your head – yes, Singapore can still get quite hot at this time of the year, thank god for rain – it’s time to literally cool down with this calming mist. Don’t worry, it’s not a sleeping potion. You can use this as a refresher when you’re out during the day, or at night to help you sleep better.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil

Start and end your day with the most gorgeous of shower oils that’ll help to invigorate and revitalise. It’s especially good in the mornings when you need that little pick-me-up. It also doubles up as a massage oil.

Matter & Home Strength Room Spray

Room sprays are amazing. They make everything smell so damn good. We love to spritz a bit in our wardrobe and around the living room. It takes any foul smell away and it invigorates the senses.

This Works Stress Check Breathe In

If something goes wrong and your stress or anxiety levels go off the charts, roll on a bit of this essential oil blend that’ll help you to breathe right and think straight. Pop it into your bag and whip it out whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

Jo Loves Christmas Tree scented candle

We love Christmas AND we love candles. Put those two together, and you’ll find us already wrapped up in blankets and drinking eggnog. Comforting and relaxing.

Marie-Stella-Maris No.73 Liquid Soap Poivre Noir Frais

Bathrooms are important, and it’s our little private space we run to when we’re getting suffocated by social-gatherings. To calm ourselves down, we’ve got a super quick getaway from Earth to Heaven with this flowery-scented hand soap.

Net-a-Porter The Ultimate Nighttime Pampering Gift Set

Know someone who’s in need of a good night’s sleep? This is literally the perfect gift set to soothe and relax the mind. Nothing like a good set of lotions and oils, as well as a night mask for uninterrupted dreams. It’s the ultimate care pack for that sleepy soul in your life.

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