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I Have A Question: Is Matte Lipstick On Its Way Out?

If no liquid lipstick is completely, 100 hundred percent everlasting, it only makes sense to just give that part up and go for comfort, no?

No, truly – are they? Matte lipsticks have dominated the market for a good few years, coming up with a plethora of long-lasting colours that will stay on through the night. The matte look has gotten so popular that almost every brand has come up with their own line of it. But as time goes by, other contenders like gloss, creams, satins or stains have won over the hearts of many with plus points like hydration, texture and shine. You come to realise that since no lip colour is ever exactly “long-lasting”, why don’t you just go for any colour you like, heck the lasting power? Hydration’s far more important.

You see, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to wearing matte lipsticks. Sure, they’re pretty, but because they’re so dry, complications like peeling, caking and the enhancement of the lines on the lips are not as appealing. Plus, if they don’t have staining properties, it’s still going to come right off with oil, like with the bite of a juicy burger or the slurp of a ramen. Why bother?

One way we can tell that it’s already phasing out is to look at companies that were built on the trend, like the liquid matte lip giants Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics. They’re moving towards creating cream bullet lipsticks, glosses, glitter and colours in satin finishes. Brands like MAC and NARS already have full non-matte lip colour collections. Out of all the choices available to us beauty crazies, satin is the most matte-looking that will not compromise on weight, comfort and colour. YSL Beauty, Chanel Beauty and the unexpected and affordable contender, Peripera, are ones that we can’t put down, even if it means having to touch up after a meal.

Okay, we’ll admit – there are some liquid mattes that almost get it, like the one from NARS. But again, when you have something on your lips for such a long time, creams in satin finishes give the best of all the worlds. You give some, you take some. We’re not saying a full adieu to matte lipsticks yet, but these are only for days when we’re ready to commit and if our lips are smooth and dead skin free. If not, it’s stains, satins, and more stains and satins.

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