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Beauty Wars: Can These Hair Masks Tame The Frizz?

Ah, the quest for a beautiful bedhead. We tested five hair treatment products and sussed out the best ones for taming the frizz and adding shine to your locks.

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who wake up with a glorious bedhead, and people who wake up with a matted bird’s nest of a mess on their heads. We are all on our individual quests to eliminate dry, frizzy hair from our lives, but one wrong move and it all goes to – well, you know.

The most basic of hair care routines is your shampoo and conditioner. While the latter might usually be the key to strengthening hair cuticles, detangling and breakage, having truly soft hair takes a lot more than that. We’re talking masking and dipping your hair into the good stuff. Them tresses be thirsty.

Ever tried a conditioner or hair mask only to realise that it doesn’t work for you, but you’re now committed to finishing the entire bottle? Well, we are here to make sure that your next investment puts an end to your days of having parched and unruly strands. In this month’s Beauty Wars, we find out which treatment products will keep our hair as hydrated as possible, while adding shine to make it appear – and hopefully, feel – healthier.

Aquis Prime Restorative Leave-in Conditioner

A leave-in, spray-on conditioner without the hassle of a hair mask seems too good to be true, and our guess was correct. It makes detangling easier, but only for awhile. After an hour, it goes back to the same frizzy state our hair was before. We do love it for a quick moisture boost, maybe as a pick-me-up on limp, dry hair.

Infuse My. Colour Treat Conditioner

Whether you’re spending a fortune at the salon, or a few bucks on do-it-yourself hair dye to get your hair in the perfect shade, the colouring is just half the job done. The next half would be maintenance and some serious TLC. This hydrating conditioner we found will make your hair colour last longer. Simply apply the product to your roots and ends. Another plus point? It smells superb, having been infused with hemp seed oil, hibiscus extract and plant-derived ceramides for moisture, shine and strength.

Botanist Botanical Hair Mask

This multi-award winning haircare brand lives up to its reputation and can be used just like a regular conditioner. The blend of amino acids, botanical extracts, sugarcane squalene and ceramide maintains your hair’s moisture and elasticity, making it so soft that your fingers can run through without any tangles. The raspberry and apricot fragrance may be slightly overpowering, but we’re ready to trade that for ultra-soft tresses anytime.

Ouai Treatment Masque

Ah, the brand on every beauty Instagrammer’s feed. This restorative healing mask does live up to its rep and will leave your strands feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. You can even apply it before a workout sesh as the heat would help your hair absorb the treatment. We love feeling like a multi-tasking queen.

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque And Tangle Tamer Set

We were really excited to try Coco & Eve as we have been seeing their Instagram ads promoting smooth, frizz-free hair. Raw virgin coconut and fig are the two super-charged ingredients in this hair mask, which help keep it all in. Complete with argan and linseed oil that prevents split ends, there wasn’t a need for a tangle tamer at all when we tested it out. The scent of this one can be quite overwhelming, and it might leave yours locks smelling like you had just left the salon. Whether that’s good or bad, we’ll leave it to you to decide.

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