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Beauty Wars: The Best Eyebrow Products on Our Radar

If there's one thing that could transform your look from drab to fab in a quick minute, it has to be the brows. Here's exactly what you need to get your eyebrows on fleek to nail that selfie.

Someone once asked me, what makeup product I would keep if I could only have one. It was a no-brainer. Of course, it had to be my eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows are important, ’nuff said. On the days when you choose to go au naturel, eyebrows frame the face and draw the attention to the eyes, distracting from whatever other blemishes there may be on the skin.

Keeping your eyebrows in shape is the first step towards achieving gorgeous, fluffy brows. A good base is easy to fill, which would make getting ready in the mornings that much easier. To tame my brow hairs, I tweeze my eyebrows at least once a week. It’s free, less painful than threading and the results last longer than that of shaving – 10/10 would recommend! When it comes to filling my brows in, I have found it helpful to remind myself that eyebrows are more sisters than they are twins. Subtle imbalances between both sides are entirely permissible and do not warrant an entire do-over.

In this edition of Beauty Wars, Team Kulala put five of the best eyebrow products to the test. We’re in this together, y’all. By this, I mean our quest for the best powders, pencils, pomades and gels that work together to get our brows on fleek.

La Neige Brow Shaping Kit

Quoting Yoyo, “this is the number one for all brow colours.” This La Neige brow shaping kit contains three shades tailored to Asian women that can be used individually or together. We love starting with the lightest shade on the inner corner before using the darker shades to fill in the center and outer tip of our eyebrows. It also includes a tweezer (real handy!) and two brushes to fill in and brush out the brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

We are happy to report that this creamy pomade is ideal, even for oily skin, in humid climates because of its incredible staying power. If you have had to deal with uneven brows, rejoice, for this product has sufficient grip to tame unruly hairs and conceal sparse spots with the swish of a brush. A little goes a long way, so take it easy when you slather this on. Our only gripe — the product dries out easily, so be sure to keep the lid on tightly whenever you’re not using it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

We’re convinced Anastasia Beverly Hills can do no wrong in the eyebrow department. This stellar brow pencil has a fine tip that gives you a great deal of control and lets you draw the most natural-looking hair strokes. The product is extremely buildable and the formula gives a fantastic colour payoff. A word of caution: be extra gentle with the spoolie end as it breaks off rather easily.

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler

Simply perfect for on-the-go touch ups, you won’t find Yoyo without this sleek product during fashion week. The most unique feature of this brow pencil would be its built-in paddle brush. It is great for blending the product if you have fine hair but if your brows are coarse, you might have to use a spoolie instead.

Dior Backstage Brow Palette

This highly-pigmented palette consists of two powder shades and a waterproof wax that will set your eyebrow hairs in place to last throughout the day. With this palette, you can opt for a natural look or go really bold. The product glides on easily and blends well. Also, if you’re fond of logomania like we are, you won’t be able to get over how chic the Dior logo looks stamped on the powders and wax.

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