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Beauty Wars: Ramen vs. Our Favourite Lipsticks Ever

It's got slurping, soup and a tinge of oil. Plus, spicy ramen also means a lot of drinking. What better way to put these lipsticks to the test?

A lipstick is only as good as its ability to hold up when food is involved. It can have high colour pay-off, great texture and stay-all-day power, but the real test begins when food is involved. Eating. Drinking. Slurping. You can look super fine with your red lip, but when you start eating and the colour comes off, man – you better hope that what comes off end up on your napkin and not everywhere else. There’s always the lip stain, which is probably the best hope you have if you’re going to be feasting all night long, but stains just don’t have the same look as a lipstick. Your favourite lipstick shade probably doesn’t have an exact lip stain equivalent, either.

For this instalment of Beauty Wars – come on, you missed it, didn’t cha? – we put our personal favourite lipsticks, both liquids and bullets, to the ultimate test. But what food did we see fit to do it? Burgers? Nah, you can always use a fork and knife or pluck a piece and stick it into your mouth. Spaghetti? Maybe, but you can always twirl it onto your fork and again, stick it directly into your mouth.

Ramen? You have to slurp it, it’s got soup and oil and it’s too slippery and squiggly for you to wind it on a fork. (A ramen angel dies every time someone eats ramen with a fork, remember that.) Plus, ramen is typically spicy, which means you’ll be reaching for that glass of water more than once. So many opportunities to test said lipsticks out. Read on, then do your own tests and tell us about it, young padawans!

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Chanel’s liquid lipstick gets an extra plus point for being so easy to apply – there’s just something about the application wand. Despite its lightweight texture, the formula packs serious colour. However, it doesn’t dry matte, so blotting is necessary before the feasting and that takes a little of the colour intensity away. The colour does fade with eating, but Rouge Allure Ink also leaves behind a tint after you blot, so even if it wears away, topping up is super quick and easy – with or without a mirror.

Dior Rouge Dior Liquid

This liquid lipstick has a gel-like texture that dries matte, but definitely sits on the drier side of the hydration spectrum. The pigmented formula also leaves a slight stain after it dries, which helps with reducing the need for a touch-up. Despite this, it still needs that quick swipe of the wand just to fill in the blanks. Less is more with this one. Don’t believe us? We got 10 women to test it out.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Ah, the one with the cult following. It dries very quickly and it really doesn’t budge, so that’s with water and soups – not too oily, that is – it’s a no-problemo. It does get a tad grainy in the slurp zone, but nothing a quick, single swipe can’t fix.

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick

We couldn’t not throw this into the mix. Kylie Jenner’s all-famous liquid lipstick has all the hallmarks of a great liquid lipstick – until you really put it to the test. That is, food. Fries and its kind are fine, but with spoons, much less noodles, the lipstick starts to turn patchy until you can sort of roll and peel it off your lips. So, it looks great, but if you’re really in for a feast, go for something else. (We tested the liquid lipstick with a full seafood bucket meal too and it did not survive.)

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

We’ve already established that NARS’s first liquid lipstick feels like nothing on the lips. It doesn’t feel overly drying, too. This one dries instantly, even faster than Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Some colour does come off where the food touches, but not completely – something of a tint stays behind. Overall, it held up good!

YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick

This one leaves behind a bit of a stain, but we wouldn’t say that it survived a round of noodle slurping. With that said, the hydrating formula makes re-applications smooth and fuss-free by eradicating the need to worry about it creasing into the lines. Looking cakey is definitely not an issue with this lipstick, something we all battle with our liquid lipsticks.

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