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Beauty Wars: We Tested 5 of The Newest Vitamin C Products

We put our favourite Vitamin C holy grails up against one another in the beauty arena. Are they as refreshingly good for our skin as orange juice is on a hot day? Let's find out.

Sometimes we want our skin to be a little tighter, or a little bit brighter, or maybe just basically a little alive. And other times – let’s be honest, it’s all the time – we want all of them combined. It sounds crazy that a single potent antioxidant could do the trick at ticking all these boxes off the checklist, but it’s true, we do have a powerhouse ingredient we’re falling in love with.

Vitamin C is the latest most-searched for ingredient in the beauty world, and it’s with good reason. The powerhouse ingredient is responsible for reducing inflammation, irregular darkening, pigmentation, and it even helps to promote healthy collagen production. Best when topically applied, Vitamin C is truly the answer to all our post-acne scarring dilemmas, and for all the times we had unhealthy sun exposures without sunscreen.

All A-plus results from holy grail products infused with Vitamin C, we put the newest five miracle workers up against one another for this week’s round of Beauty Wars. Five different Vitamin C products, with five different prices points and applications, which one will you cart out to keep your skin happy and bright?

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum

“I started using this twice a week because I was so afraid of how my skin would react, but because of its gentle yet effective formula, I’ve since been confident enough to increase my usage to every alternate day. Tatcha’s Vitamin C infused serum is so gentle on my sensitive skin, I was so shocked that I hadn’t noticed any tingling sensations on the first use. For how gentle it is, it really does deliver a punch with its results.

After about two weeks, my skin looks brighter, has a subtle lit-from-within glow, and my fresh acne scars aren’t visible anymore. I highly recommend this for sensitive skin as Vitamin C products tend to lean towards the harsher side of skincare. Not going to lie, it does feel a little sticky after application, but it’s nothing I wouldn’t go through for brighter, more radiant skin.” – Natalyn, Team KULALA’s Head Writer & Web Manager

Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Power Serum

“I’ve been using this serum for over a month now and I’ve never had a bad breakout day. The serum has an ultra-light texture that is also surprisingly rich and hydrating. For the oil slick sisters, I think you could even do without a moisturiser on top of this! Using this under my makeup wasn’t a complete disaster too. My makeup stayed put as it should, and I didn’t notice any particularly strange clumping or melting.

I do notice my acne scars fading, which is great news because it would mean that this Vitamin C filled product is working, and my skin looks more radiant. It’s a really good product for brightening in general, but its anti-ageing properties are a pass for me. It might be too early to say, but I haven’t seen much results in the wrinkles department.” – Rachel, Team Exhibit

Allies Of Skin Vitamin C 35% Collagen Rebuilding Serum

“Allies Of Skin, you are doing things right. I am so in love with this, I’m actually really upset that I’ve completely drained the bottle already. The Vitamin C 35% Collagen Rebuilding Serum has helped to not only lighten my old acne scarring, but it has also completely prevented any new outbreaks from happening while I was applying this religiously. Amazing. Adding on to the good praise, I also found that I used a significantly lesser amount of foundation every morning because of how well my skin texture has transformed.

The serum is a nice in-between of greasy and feather-light – it’s not overly oily like how some moisturisers are when they just sit on top of your face like a layer of grease, and it’s also light-weight enough to absorb almost instantly into my skin. The scent is so clean and fresh, it doesn’t smell artificial or heavy at all. I cannot stop thinking about this serum now that I’ve finished an entire bottle (to be fair, it is a teeny-tiny bit smaller than I would like it to be), but I’m more than willing to repurchase this tiny bottle of magic.” – Katrina, Team KULALA’s Contributor

This Works Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask & Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum

“I love masking. It’s my favourite skincare step, ever. So when I found out that a Vitamin C-laden product was available in an exfoliating balm and mask meant to be used for mornings, you could say that I got a little too excited to test it out. This Works Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask smells heavenly enough to put me right back to bed (mornings are tough!), and it’s so soothing to smell such a delightful scent first thing when I wake up.

A great product with quick results, my skin lit up like never before after the first wash. Its vitamin C granules are so gentle and micro that I can barely even spot it as I pump the balm onto my hand. It feels great on my skin, and I love the massaging effect the exfoliation brings. I’ve been using it every alternate day the past week, and I must say that my skin is drinking up every last bit of this amazing product. I have noticed lighter acne scarring, but it might be too early to tell if it has changed my uneven skin texture and pigmentation yet. The radiance it brings is amazing though, and it gets better with every wash!

The serum to me wasn’t as impressive. It has a slightly stickier consistency than my other serums, and it just doesn’t feel hydrating enough to be used after such an intensive exfoliating regimen. If you’re thinking of getting the Vitamin C Power Mask, I would say go for it, it’s amazing! But if you’re thinking of getting the serum, you can too, but I would suggest checking for others in the market that will provide you with better hydration to replenish your skin after the exfoliation.” – Roxanne, Team KULALA’s contributor

Alpha-H Multi Vitamin Super Cream

“We’ve sung praises for this product before, but I have to talk about it again. A multi-vitamin night cream that also contains retinol makes it quite literally the perfect night repairing cream. You get to go to sleep and wake up with beautiful, glowing skin in the morning. It’s lightweight, has a nice organic clean scent to it, and it’s also extra, extra hydrating on my skin. Sensitive skin buddies, this one is for you.

The press-down design of the dispenser makes it hygienic and easy to use, unlike dipping your fingers into a tub of product. Now, to the nitty-gritty of why I love this: Its ingredients include Vitamin A (retinol for skin repair), Vitamin B (niacinamide for shrinking your pores), Vitamin C (ethyl ascorbic acid for brightening and improving your skin’s texture) and Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate to help with skin scarring). Like I said before, a dream team of vitamins all packed into one tub – this is THE night cream to use if you want to wake up with glowing goddess-like skin.” – Qide, Team Exhibit.

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