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We Took Dua Lipa’s Party-Ready Bejewelled Makeup Look on a Test Drive

All in the bling of an eye.

We’re halfway through October. You know what that means, Michael Bublé is defrosting as you read this. With the year drawing to an end, the festive season is fast upon us. We can think of about a million reasons to celebrate the end of 2020 and at the top of the list – having survived a frigging global pandemic.

For the most part of the year, we’ve been living in the comfort of our favourite sweatpants. At one point, we might’ve forgotten what it felt like to look human. For one, putting on makeup after weeks of going au natural, my hands had to relearn the curves of a winged liner. As we gradually assimilate back to some sort of normalcy, or the new normal as they call it, the year-end celebrations await us.

Dressing up for party season amidst the new mask-wearing normal, however, is going to look just a tad bit different. Especially in the makeup department with the eyes leading the way. We have just the trick to instantaneously take any eye look from blah to wah borrowed from Dua Lipa. In her latest music video, the pop princess sports some serious bling on her lashes. The bejewelled accents on top of fully sequinned lids added a whole other dimension to her eyes. Talk about making the eyes pop.

It’s a great idea but doing it the Lipa way – attaching rhinestones onto individual lash ends – takes the steady hands of a professional. Our shaky hands could never. Alternatively, we faired just fine sticking them on the eyelid as we observed at Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2020 presentation. We did, however, lose a few rhinestones and our marbles in the process. But we’re keeping our cool since there’s plenty of time to practice before the party season goes into full swing.

Now, let’s talk about technicalities. You’d need a tweezer on hand and maximum concentration for the application. And because we foresee losing a rhinestone or two throughout a night out, we’d definitely slip extras into our bag. Beyond that, there’s really no rule book to go by when creating this megawatt beauty look. The only question: how much bling is too much bling? We certainly didn’t hold back – mo’ bling mo’ better. If you’re one for subtle details, we’d suggest adding a rhinestone on either corner of the eye and opting for glitter shadow instead.

Ready to bedazzle, razzle, and dazzle?

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