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Best of Beauty – Episode 2

We tried, we tested and we emerge with plenty of recommendations. These are the beauty products you need to get on board with, toot-sweet sister!

So many beauty products, so little time and skin surface to test them all. Every month, we suss out the best products in the beauty business, whether its makeup, skincare, fragrances or hair care, so that you can build up your own arsenal of beauty must-haves in no time. Some of it are brand new releases, others are cult classics. Finding the best products that work for you is all about trial and error, and we’re here to quicken the process and lessen the pain. And if you have any doubts, cast your worries aside – all of the recommendations have been tried and tested by yours truly. Onward to Episode 2 of our “Best of Beauty” series!


1. Lancôme’s Energie De Vie Collection
With superfoods being all the rage now, superfood skincare seems like a natural progression. We were introduced to Lancôme’s new Energie De Vie range barely a month ago, but we’re already deeply obsessed. Featuring extracts from goji berries, French Melissa leaves and gentian, the Energie De Vie range is targeted at millennials – the buzzwords of all buzzwords these days – who travel too much, are exposed to too much air-conditioning, and sleep too little and too late. We find our top picks – the Pearly Lotion, Liquid Care, Water-Infused Cream and Sleeping Mask – to be extremely hydrating yet light on the skin. It helps that the range smells really good and saccharine in a non-chemical way. We’re particularly fond of the Liquid Care, a daytime moisturiser that’s cream, lotion and serum, all in one. Very handy on long flights.


2. Aritaum’s Lip Patch
You already know that we love Aritaum’s expansive collection of facial sheet masks, so it is no surprise that we ended up loving its lip patches as well. Just think of it as a mask for your lips, because that’s what it essentially is. It is ultra-moisturising, inexpensive (approximately 1 SGD a pop) and doesn’t taste too funky. The downside? You can’t talk at all during the 10 to 15 minutes of having the patch on. Plus, Aritaum’s not a brand that is easily available outside South Korea. Our own supply is already running dangerously low. Get yo’ ass to Singapore already, Aritaum.


3. NARS’s Contour Blush in Paloma
We’re never not looking for new contouring products here at YOYOKULALA.com. It’s just too much fun. While we previously recommended Cle de Peau’s Bronzer Powder Duo and NYX’s Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo – which we still love, promise! – NARS’s cult-favourite Paloma Contour Blush is seriously winning us over. It is so easy to use, you guys. A light swab and some simple blending is all it takes. Celebrity makeup artist Shaun Lee is a big fan of NARS’s bronzers as well, so that’s a good sign. (Read his guide to super simple contouring here.)


4. Poretol’s Milky Mask
Another one of our must-buys while in Seoul, Poretol’s Milky Mask is a super moisturising product that works on your skin almost instantly. We’re not kidding with this. After just 15 minutes of TLC with this cute little mask, skin feels super smooth and actually looks brighter. For a non-mainstream brand, it’s pretty incredible. Like Aritaum, Poretol isn’t available in Singapore, but it can be found in Olive Young shops in Seoul. Clear the shelves if you get the chance because this thing works.


5. Jill Stuart’s Eyelash Curler
What’s better than a good eyelash curler? A pink and bejewelled eyelash curler. We’ve tested numerous eyelash curlers in our lives and for its price (approximately 12 SGD), Jill Stuart’s works like a charm. It’s flatter than most curlers on the market, allowing it to reach most of your eyelashes and leaving them with a falsie-like curl.


6. Heroine Make’s Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
It may be a drugstore brand, but Heroine Make’s products could rival the big names. Its Long & Curl Mascara is already one of the best mascaras we’ve ever come across and we’re going to say the same for the Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Eyeliner. The application is easy and it dries super fast with little to no smudging after over 12 hours of wear. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila, meet your match.


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