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This $300 Beauty Tool Is An Instant Facelift On A Stick

We know what it looks like, but hear us out for a second because this thing can do pretty amazing things. (Also, a teeny-tiny disclaimer.)

Beauty gadgets are met with a certain amount of scepticism. Not only do they cost quite a lot in comparison to, say, an eyeshadow palette or a jar of heavy-duty moisturiser, it is also one of those things that you tend to use a handful of times and then leave in the Pile of Neglect. Answer this honestly – how many of you still use a Clarisonic? Yeah, we thought so. It is not that it doesn’t work, you’ve just moved on from it is all.

The latest beauty gadget to fall under our radar, though? We’re willing to bet that you’ll be using it far more than just a handful of times. Meet the admittedly odd-looking but secretly wondrous ReFa CARAT. There’s not much to the name, but it essentially is a handheld massager aimed at your lymphatic system, particularly on your face. Powered by solar energy, the silver gadget uses micro-current technology to firm and lift the skin with each roll. That little nook between the two balls – oh, enough of the jokes already! – fits nicely onto the cheekbones, jawline, curve of the neck and décolletage, though you can use it where you see fit. The waist, upper arms, inner thighs, butt – you name it.

Now, the big question – does this thing really work? Numerous videos on YouTube seem to conclude that it does. After coming out of the YouTube beauty vortex more intrigued than ever, we decided to give the gadget a go. The price at $300 is a little steep for something that looks so simple, but if it works, it is another anti-ageing product to add to the list.

The gadget itself feels nice on the skin, especially when you’ve got a bit of a headache going on and you need to relive some stress on your facial muscles. But what about the face lifting, you ask? My, my, what black magic this is. After a few upward strokes on the jawline, it is clear that the treated side is more defined and smaller. On the cheekbones, the ReFa actually helped in lifting the cheeks and eyes, and reduced the appearance of laugh lines. You can actually see the difference in just one seating. Again – what black magic is this?! There are professional facials out there that do the same with a similar price tag, so if you think about it, $300 a pop isn’t too bad at all.

Like those professional facials, though, the effects from the ReFa isn’t forever. It is not a one-time-fix-all. Non-evasive facial treatments rarely are. You’ve just got to keep going at it daily. Once in the morning after you wake, and once at night before you snooze. Plus, if you’ve had one too many bowls of instant ramen the night before and you need something to instantly fix all that bloat and water retention, the ReFa will be your best friend. Forget cold spoons and compressors. If you’ve got a hydrating face mask on, rolling the ReFa on your skin will help with the absorption of the product, too, so that’s another plus in our books.

Tell us – what is the most expensive beauty gadget you own and why do you love it? If you want more, we tested out a $600 hairdryer over here and a $75 foundation brush here.

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