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Do You Wear Makeup When You’re Up In The Air?

Tell us which side of the fence you're on. (Plus, the skincare products to bring with you on-board to stop your skin from shrivelling up like a prune.)

Makeup on long-haul flights – some people are for it, others not so much. Maybe a bunch of people turned up to send you off and you want to look good. Or, maybe you’re just super into makeup and it just feels like second skin to you. When one isn’t blessed with naturally filled brows or crystal clear skin, reaching for that makeup bag pre-flight is just all too tempting. But deep down inside, you know that makeup on a long-haul flight isn’t exactly a good idea.

For starters, the air on the plane is dry already and you don’t want to aggravate your skin further with makeup. Your skin, like you, needs to rest. Then, there is the possibility of being too worn-out to remove your makeup. It then stays on for hours and hours and before you know it, you realise you’ve had foundation on the whole flight. Yikes. (Also, guilty as charged.)

If you’re for makeup on flights, it really is up to you. But to help your skin out, drop your regular foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser, BB cream or a lightweight concealer instead. Dior’s Capture Totale Dream Skin Perfect Skin Cushion gives reasonable coverage despite its feather-light texture, and it’s got anti-ageing properties, too. There’s also the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops that allows you to turn your favourite moisturiser into a tinted one. The level of coverage is entirely up to you. If you’re just looking for a concealer, consider NARS’s Radiance Creamy Concealer or Maybelline’s Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer. For those who need a tinge of colour to look a little more alive, a bit of Benefit’s Benetint on your cheeks goes a long way.

Whatever it is you have on, always, always, always remember to pack makeup remover wipes into your carry-on. It just makes the process that much easier and less painless, especially when you’re starting to get comfortable in your seat. Plus, if you’re planning to reapply your makeup upon landing, nothing beats starting with clean skin.

Now, whether you’re for or against makeup on flights, skincare is not something you should ignore. You need a lot more than lip balm and your regular nighttime skincare routine, sister. We recommend frequent doses of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate or Lancome’s Energie De Vie Liquid Care throughout the long flight, and an ultra-moisturising sheet mask to lock the hydration down. La Mer’s The Hydrating Facial is incredible at this, but if you have a cheaper alternative that works for you, use that. Don’t blot or wash off the excess mask solution – your skin needs all the help it can get to fight the dry air.

So, makeup on flights – yay or nay? Tell us what are your favourite beauty and skincare products for long-haul flights in the comments. Don’t forget to check out Yoyo’s guide to surviving a 32-hour flight here and her go-to list of skincare products when she’s travelling here.

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