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5 Things That Gave Us Brighter Skin Overnight (Seriously, Now)

Some of these only need 10 minutes or less. A dull, irritated skin day can throw things off course, but these products will put you right back on track in a jiffy.

When you’ve finally formulated a skin regimen that works, a bad skin day can throw things off balance. What the heck went wrong? The cause could be anything. Sudden changes in the weather. Dirt, bacteria and pollution. A new product that is just too strong for your sensitive skin.

Some things like sudden break outs may take at least a day or two to fix, but things like dull skin, irritation, flaky patches and clogged pores? Nothing a certain mask or moisturiser out there can’t handle, even if you have, say, half an hour on your hands. It is time to sift out the miracle workers from the fluff.

The beauty industry these days is all about that lit-from-within glow and understandably so, because when you have that screwed to the sticking place, the makeup process becomes easier, less complicated. Any opportunity to cut prep time in the mornings, we’ll take it.

Below, we’ve rounded up the five products that we ourselves swear by on days where our skin could use a little pep, whether there is a sudden case of unexplained tiny bumps, flaky patches, irritation or overall dullness. Most of these work under 30 minutes, but add on some beauty sleep and the effects will be even better.


Looks like an Instagram mask and it is but also so much more. Its grassy, minty scent may be intimidating for some, coupled with the fact that it contains AHAs, but the mask is a surprisingly mild peel, especially for skin in need of a little soothing. The papaya and pineapple enzymes do the exfoliating, the white willow bark unclogs and azulene in the blue tansy calm the skin. Team Natural, right? After five minutes, the skin feels softer and smoother, but the brightening comes in full force when you wake up and see how dang clear your skin is in natural daylight. It even managed to sooth mild redness and bumps for us. Granted, it isn’t the strongest exfoliant around, but if you’re in need of a quick fix that soothes and smoothens, Blue Tansy, y’all.


With a name like that, you can hardly expect not to glow. Not only does the mask come in two parts and fit like a glove, so you get every cranny covered, it literally contains platinum that acts as an antioxidant to return radiance to the skin by fighting the stuff that dulls it in the first place: environmental damage. Niacinamide in Skin Inc’s own blend of Vitamin B3 is the wrinkle-fighting support. The skin feels good when the mask is on and off and looks brighter almost instantly. We do recommend doubling it with a good peel first – like the brand’s Pure Revival Peel – for maximum effect.


Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric. As if we needed more reasons to love you. Turmeric may be a spice, but on the skin, it works to brighten by reducing inflammation and irritation, so nothing blocks your glow. The cranberry seeds are there as a natural exfoliant to further smoothen the skin. Like Herbivore’s Blue Tansy, this leaves your skin feeling softer, cleaner and smoother with an added tightening effect – the good kind of tight, or should we say toight – all in the matter of 10 minutes or so. Basically, this is your pre-event wingwoman. This will take just a little more effort than usual to rinse because of the seeds, but nothing too difficult.


A big name for this heavyweight of a mask. First, the mask itself. Made of bio-cellulose, the mask sticks to your skin tight, sealing all the good juices in and getting them deep into your skin. Next, the ethyl ascorbic acid, a little molecule that deals with dark spots, irritated skin and curbs the root of uneven skin tones: melanin. After using it beyond the recommended application time – because sometimes you really just want to get out every ounce of the good stuff – bumps and redness were reduced, along with the lightening of dark spots and scars. This was highly moisturising as well, giving the skin a glow that lasted through morning and beyond. It is quite expensive at S$21 apiece, but with such immediate effects, we say it is worth the splurge.


Moisturisers are expected to hydrate at the very least. Anything beyond that is an added bonus. Not only does Dior’s meringue-like cream do just that as you sleep, it gradually plumps up the skin and restores radiance, so when you’re up and kicking, your skin is glowing and also ready to go, makeup day or otherwise. After a pow-wow with this and a good night’s sleep, skin looks healthier and brighter, so much so that we’ve skipped the foundation on occasion because of it.

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