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How To Shave Time Off Your Morning Makeup Routine

Chanel's CC Cream is basically five products in one. If you're zooming out the door on most mornings, this one's for you.

Applying on foundation is the most necessary step in a makeup routine, but it is also unfortunately the most time consuming. On mornings when you have to get out of the door faster than you can say “breakfast”, a thirty-minute makeup routine just isn’t going to cut it. It is during times like these that you wish for a fix-all, something that allows you to skip all the steps and still come out of it all looking like a presentable human being (i.e. not a morning zombie).

If you’re basically chomping down toast whilst powdering your face on most mornings, allow us to present – drumroll, please! – the Chanel CC Cream. A step up from BB creams, CC creams – the “CC” usually stands for colour correction – have added benefits that brighten and even out your skin tone. Chanel takes it a step further by pumping in anti-ageing, anti-pollution and hydrating properties with peach extract and hyaluronic acid. So far, so good. How does it measure up to regular foundations, though? We tested the Chanel CC Cream for an entire week to be super sure.

The first pluses are the hydrating properties and built-in sunscreen at SPF50. That already checks off two items on our makeup to-do list. Not only does the CC cream keep the skin moisturised for hours on end without weighing it down, we also noticed that it doesn’t oxidise and dull in appearance by the end of the day. Seriously. Not even the best foundations out there can do this. What’s more, because of its light texture, the CC cream blends quickly and easily onto the skin, shaving even more time off the application process. Then, there are the colour correcting properties which targets redness and pores, so that knocks the colour correcting primer off the list as well.

As it is a CC cream, it should be expected that the coverage it provides isn’t as intense as a regular foundation. Redness and veins aren’t too big of a problem  – we find that it doesn’t clog pores, too – but huge zits will require back-up from a sturdy concealer. So, while regular foundations still win in the coverage department, the Chanel CC Cream is still much, much more than a glorified tinted moisturiser. That is more than what a lot of CC creams out there can say. If you’re looking for something that does a lot in minimal time, or something you can use for light coverage on a lazy day, the Chanel CC Cream is exactly what you’re looking for.


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