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This Is Still The Best Drugstore Mascara Ever

We kid you not. If you're still searching desperately for that perfect mascara that doesn't break the bank, stop and allow us to intervene.

Drugstores are a magical place. To most, it is a place to stock up on shampoo, razors and Q-tips, but beauty junkies know better. Oh, yes. Because somewhere among those rows and rows of price tag-covered shelves lies a hidden beauty gem. Proof that good beauty products don’t always come with a hefty price tag. The cost of a quinoa bowl, perhaps, but nothing more.

We’ll admit that for some genres of beauty products – moisturisers, long-lasting foundations, primers etc. – the labels on the higher end of the spectrum really get it. But when it comes to mascara in particular, the crowning glory seems to almost always go to the drugstore brands. It is not to say that luxury labels don’t carry great mascaras, but if I can get one that checks off everything on the list for under twenty bucks? I’d be a fool to say no.

There are six mascaras on our “Best of Beauty” list, but the undisputed champion is the Long & Curl Mascara from Heroine Make – a Japanese drugstore brand. Everyone in our office uses Heroine Make. It is extremely easy to use sans clumpy bits, and it brings out eyelashes we never thought we had. But the real winning quality is how hardy it is. IT. DOES. NOT. BUDGE. Tears, sweat, oily lids – it can handle anything. And only $20 a pop. (We can’t seem to find an international website, but it is available at most drugstores in Singapore, Amazon and Sa Sa.)

Something so hardy should be a bitch to remove, right? Well, nope. Not at all. There’s no need to coat your lashes first with oil or a regular mascara to help with the removal process. You could, but it’s not necessary. This mascara comes right off with regular eye makeup remover. Even better if you use Heroine Make’s Mascara Remover. It’s like they really get me, you know?

What’s your favourite drugstore mascara of all time? For more of our favourite drugstore finds, click here. You may also find our list of smudge-proof mascaras and eyeliners – over here and here – quite useful.


Photo: Delphine Achard via WWD

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