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The Eyelash Curlers That Won’t Break Your Heart

To splurge, or not to splurge? That is the question. Some of these might break your bank, but they sure won't break your heart – or your lashes.

We’re never too sure about which eyelash curlers work or don’t work. We all want that perfectly curled eyelash look without actually wearing any falsies. There are so many on the market and we can’t exactly trust online reviews either, since everyone’s got a different eye shape. Where you live and the texture of your eyelashes matter, too. From regular metal curlers to heated curlers, we know how ridiculously difficult it can be to choose the one curler that will give us the right amount of lift without pulling or singeing those eyelashes right off.

During our long and arduous search, scouring the interwebs for any piece of information that would help us find the one, we came across this Reddit thread. In a nutshell, someone measured the arcs and lengths of eyelash curlers, and matched it to their own eye to find out which one would fit the best. So, in the name of beautiful lashes and as per what that Redactor did, I placed a piece of paper over my eye and marked the start and end with a pencil. With a ruler and an online arc calculator – yes, those exist – I realised very quickly (I’ll spare you the numbers) why the famed Shiseido eyelash curler worked so well. It fit me like a damn glove.

They might all look the same to you, but you’d be surprised at the differences the tiniest variations in length and curvature can make. We’ve also tried heated crimpers and mini sized ones, but found that the most uniformly curled lashes came from regular, full-sized curlers. Like mother always said when she wanted to guilt me into eating peas, carrots and various other atrocities growing up, “You don’t know until you try.”

So, if you’ve got a piece of paper and pencil with you now, try it out. You’ll unearth the answers that you’ve been looking for and maybe realise why cult favourites like this one from Shu Uemura didn’t work for you. If you need a couple of suggestions on eyelash curlers, we’ve rounded up a few down below, ranging from a heated wand to one you can just slip into your in-flight bag.

Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler

Another cult-favourite, very much like the one from Shu Uemura, this one on the curvature range lies on the far end with 10mm, which is great for people with bigger and rounder eyes.

Eyeko Black Velvet Eyelash Curler 

With a curvature almost 3mm off from Kevin Aucoin’s, Eyeko’s a great choice for smaller eye shapes. It’s a really affordable option, too.

Shisedo Eyelash Curler

The in-between of the two products above, this curler fits Asian eye types the best. Granted, it’ll give you the lift you need – if it fits you of course.

Blinc Heated Eyelash Curler 

We know how scary it is to put anything heated near your eye, but trust us. Simply heat up and lift your lashes with it, like you would a mascara wand.

Shu Uemura New Generation Eyelash S Curler

With this mini curler, you don’t have to worry about whether the curve fits your eye anymore. No more odd angles and weird faces when you try to reach the corners of your peekers.

Muji Portable Eyelash Curler 

If you’ve found that the awkward arms of the curler gets in your way amidst the other things in your makeup bag, this rectangular and compact curler is the solution to your woes.

Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler

If you’re sensitive to metal, this plastic one by Tweezerman won’t irritate your skin. It is a little on the chunky side, though.

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