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Lip Masks Really Aren’t All That Strange

Well, where we're from, anyway. If you want to recreate Emma Stone's Pre-Golden Globes moment, here are the *best* lip masks to stock up on ASAP.

Let’s list the reasons why we love Emma Stone, shall we? She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, she’s officially a Golden Globe winner, she’s hilarious and, most importantly, she doesn’t shy away from being a total dork. Celebrities! They’re just like us!

While everyone was getting plucked, preened and prepped for Sunday’s Golden Globes, the La La Land actress – ‘grats on the win, by the way – took to her makeup artist’s Instagram to show off one of the many steps involved in the process: slapping on a huge, pink lip-shaped mask. Naturally, the Internet freaked out a tiny bit. What even is that? If Emma Stone’s using it pre-Golden Globes, it’s got to mean something, right?

Well, lip masks have been floating around the K-beauty scene for quite a while now. They just haven’t received the same attention as their full-faced counterparts. But, if you think about it, lip masks make total sense. Your lips are made of the same skin and they dry out ridiculously fast if they’re not properly hydrated and moisturised. We have sheet masks, overnight masks and serums for the face, so why can’t the lips have a share?

We can’t pinpoint exactly which mask the actress is using – could be KNC Beauty or Etude House – but we know one thing: a lip mask is hardly gimmicky at all. Sure, it makes for a hilarious Instagram moment, but if you’re looking for a way to pump some serious moisture into your puckers, these funny-looking things are the way to go. We know, because we’ve tried them.

Our favourite lip masks and serums are rounded up above. They’re not all easy to find, especially if you live outside of Asia. For our friends across the Pacific, you may want to try your luck at Peach & Lily. Final tip? As most lip masks can only be used once, clear the shelves when you see them in stores. CLEAR. THE. SHELVES.

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