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There Is More To Lip Care Than Just Your Favourite Lip Balm

...and these are the potent scrubs, serums, oils and masks to get behind. Take it from someone with lips flaky and dry enough to put a croissant to shame.

Lip balms are my favourite step in my skincare routine. In fact, I may be low-key addicted to them. Tinted lip balms, especially, are my life buoys that keep me looking alive when I’m at my most exhausted (read: low blood sugar) state. But, save for the few blessed with perpetually soft, pillowy lips, the battle against dry lips is an uphill climb that the rest of us are all to familiar with.

You see, unlike the skin on the rest of the face, the lips don’t produce natural oils to protect itself against the elements – and all that munching, slurping and those darn drying lip matte lip products. (Thank goodness that matte lips are on their way out, eh?)

Lip balms are necessary, but they’re not enough. Even if they check off all the hall marks of a great lip balm. You don’t just put on moisturiser on your skin and call it a day do you? Like your skin, the road to super soft and hydrated lips is one paved with an arsenal of oils, serums and masks. These are the ones you need to keep an eye out for – and how and where to apply them.



The lips are driest in the mornings, after having lost all the moisture throughout the night with no replenishment. Especially more so if you sleep with the AC on. Slough it all away with a lip scrub, like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Scrub. Consider scrubbing the shower as well when you’re surrounded by steam and water – the topmost layer of your lips are softest and most ready to be scrubbed then.



Lip treatments count as well. Think of them as the extra boost of the good stuff into your delicate puckers. For this, we like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy and Chanel’s Masque De Nuit Au Camelia. The latter is technically a mask – for the face, but they recommend it for the lips as well – but it melts into a watery serum that spreads so easily across the lips, giving a light, hydrated dewy finish that you can even layer a lipstick over.



For these, the South Koreans do it best. Etude House and KNC Beauty are the sheet masks that always come up, but if you prefer an overnight mask that looks and feels more potent – and still lets you talk – we say go for Clinique’s Pep Start Pout Restoring Night Mask, Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask, By Terry’s Baume De Rose and the new YSL Beauty’s Volupte Night Rehab Lip Mask – it smells like peaches! These will work in the day – just keep the layers thin.



For serious, serious hydration. The two cult classics we’ve held on to are Clarins’ Instant Light Lip Oil and Hourglass’ Lip Treatment Oil. Like face oils, these are the serious stuff and probably won’t sit well with everyone because of the texture, but these really lock the moisture in. Smooth lips in the morning, guaranteed.



In the morning:

At night:

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