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3 Met Gala Beauty Looks That I’m Translating To Real Life

Shimmery matte lips, gold eyeliner and the smokiest of eyes. There is only one rule: GO ALL OUT. (But we show you how to do it IRL.)

It’s officially here. If fashion month is the Olympics, then the Met Gala is most definitely the Super Bowl, where all eyes are on the attendees as different worlds of pop culture collide. The Met Gala is where all who are invited are given leave to go all out and one-up each other. Basically, it’s your A-game or nothing. Custom couture dresses and suits, plenty of headgear, and hours and hours of prep in the makeup chair are all part and parcel.

This year’s theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and The Catholic Imagination. Halos, stained glass, angels and references to Catholic medieval royals and art and even Joan of Arc are expected, but what of the makeup? The theme isn’t the sort where one should hold back. Gold is the undeniable de facto colour, to go with the opulence of the occasion, but we also saw dramatic smokey lids, burgundy lips and cherubic rosy pink cheeks. It’s probably borderline outrageous – we say borderline, but not impossible – to step out on a regular day in makeup looks, so we’re breaking down the key elements of our three favourites. Check out the others that made the cut above.


The Queen of Met Gala has come to slay again with a stunning headpiece and impeccable makeup. Instead of going for solid colour lips like everyone else, Rihanna went for a subtle metallic – Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle Plush Matte in Spanked – that can be describe as “when pink lips meet the cosmos”. The same metallic glossiness is repeated in her lids. Top it all off with a sparkly pigment of your choice for that extra, extra shine to bring the eyes to the lips.

Kate Bosworth 

Kate Bosworth takes the softer, more ethereal route with gently arched brows, frosty eyeshadow, mascara and next to no eyeliner. All the drama is left for the cheeks to complement her dainty, feminine headdress. This blush by Hourglass should do the trick, providing both colour and a glow at the same time. A simple – well, seemingly simple – look that emphasise the power of good brows and rosy cheeks.

Bella Hadid

Accentuating the inner corners of the eye is the easiest and simplest way to brighten up a dark look and open up the eye. Gold was chosen for Bella to match her jewellery, but softened up with barely-there eyeliner, soft eyebrows, and a nude lip colour. This waterproof gold eyeliner from Urban Decay will provide the precision required and stays even if you shed a tear. Don’t forget to elongate the stroke at the inner corners of your eyes. If you’re worried about the glitter flecks irritating the eye, go for gold eyeshadow and a thin brush.


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