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These Are The Natural Beauty Products That Aren’t All Talk

There's a common misconception that organic products don't work well because they lack "potent" chemicals. We're here to debunk that myth.

Gone are the days where using organic products meant sacrificing effectiveness and time. There’s a misconception when it boils down to going natural, organic or non-toxic. These three terms are non-interchangeable and can save you the hassle of trial-and-error.

To put it simply, the term “natural” is completely unregulated by the FDA, which means any ol’ brand can slap it onto their products and sell it like it is. Organic is probably your best bet, since the USDA is fairly strict on their rule of having almost 100 percent of the ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides or fertilisers. Then, there’s “non-toxic”, which is another marketing term used to scam us unsuspecting consumers who just want to have good skin.

It’s almost 2018 and we’re all fairly certain that organic products are great for us and a surefire way to avoid learning all the toxic ingredients under the sun. One thing’s for sure – we’re definitely reaching for organic skincare products like this oil cleanser from Tata Harper and volcanic ash mask from Soveral.

If you’re worried that organic makeup isn’t going to hold up to its claims – or hold up on your face – don’t you fret. Jurlique’s finishing powder, for instance, works like a charm and works no lesser than the usual ones. Tata Harper’s bevy of lip tints aren’t too shabby, either. For organic products that will make your cut and end in your cart – HAH – look no further then our round-up below, which even includes a lip balm from local brand Handmade Heroes.

Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser

This oil cleanser is great for parched skin that needs that extra boost during cleansing that doesn’t strip your face of all its good oils. It doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, and doubles up as a makeup remover. Two birds with one stone!

Kora Organics Cream Cleanser

If you have the beautiful combination of dry and sensitive skin, try this cream cleanser that will restore hydration and contains stearic acid to cleanse deep under the skin.

Soveral Volcano Ash Transformative Mask

Facing problems with clogged pores and oily skin? Clay masks might just be your solution. Bonus: this one contains palmarosa oil, which helps with oil control and regenerating of cells.

Esthelle & Thild Super BioActive Lifting Eye Serum

Sometimes, all we need around our eyes is a little tender loving care – in the form of organic products if we can help it. What better way to treat the thinnest skin on our body than to avoid harmful parabens and chemicals? Psst – this one reduces the appearance of any fine lines around your eyes, too.

Caudalie Grape Water

If you find yourself feeling itchy after spraying on a mist, you might want to switch to this organic grape water from Caudalie. It’s made for sensitive skin, moisturises, and literally contains only three ingredients. Less is more guys.

Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder

This facial powder and it’s non-organic counterparts share the same level of effectiveness, except better. Corn and rice starches are used as substitutes for silicons present in most powders for that smooth finish, which can cause acne and congestion.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

Lots of lipsticks nowadays still contain toxic chemicals that we could ingest in by accident while having a meal. It feels safe to know that you’re only ingesting plant-based oils that make your lips feel soft and supple.

Handmade Heroes French Rose Lip Tint

Coconut fan? This lip tint’s for you. Not only does it work like a charm and gives you the most beautiful flushed-lip look, it’s also handmade in Singapore. (Yay local!) It’s vegan, and 100 percent cruelty free, too. Considering how well it works with only seven ingredients on its list, it’s no wonder why it’s always going out of stock.

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