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Good Things For Your Face That Are Cheaper Than Brunch

Good skin on a budget isn't a myth. From affordable yet effective serums to a big-name moisturiser that doubles as sunblock, these make more sense than spending $20 at brunch.

There are two things in life that I cannot live without, one being avocado on toast – because there are few things in the vegan department that satisfy as well as avocado does – and the other being quality skincare. Another similarity they both share is that they can be expensive.

Granted, avocado on toast can be cheap if you make it yourself. But, like the typical millennial I am, I find myself paying for a plate more often than making one. With a side of salad – or eggs, for the non-vegans – a plate of avocado toast at a cafe, together with a glass of coffee on the side and service tax can go up to S$20. It is quite ridiculous when you actually sit and think about it. Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend that money on something that lasts and satisfies a little longer? Like skincare, perhaps?

On that same note, great skincare doesn’t have to be expensive as well. That is a completely myth. It can cost even less than that plate of eggs benedict or venti-sized caramel macchiato you had on Sunday. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up seven beauty products that we swear by and hardly leave a dent in your wallet. Forget the avocado toast and toast – HAH to great skin on a budget instead.


Heroine Make’s Mascara Remover

You don’t realise that you need a mascara-specific makeup remover until you’ve tried one. Not only does Heroine Make make – pun not intended – what we think could be the best mascara in existence, they also make a remover that no mascara can withstand, not even their own. Just brush it on your lashes, wait a minute, then gently swipe over with a cotton pad. Double up with eye makeup remover and we guarantee that you won’t be left with panda eyes. You only need a little each time, so one tube can last you for months. Not bad for S$11. You can find this at most Watson’s and Sasa stores.

Clinique Pep-Start HydroRush Moisturizer SPF 20

What? How did something from Clinique get in here? At S$15 a cube, this travel-friendly moisturiser both hydrates your skin and protects it from the sun. It is perfect for rushed mornings, or when you just cannot be bothered to layer on too many products. You can get this at Clinique and Sephora.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

Mario Badescu is one of those brands that make fuss-free products that work and are cheap. It’s just that simple. Their wildly popular facial mist at S$17 is no exception. We like it as it is – even pitted it against six other facial mists – but some claim that it even works as a makeup setting spray. We’ll leave that for you to decide. This one is a little harder to get in Singapore, though. Thus far, Sephora only stocks it online, but you can get it at Beauty Bay as well.

Wild Products Rosehip Oil (100% Organic Cold Pressed)

We’ve talked enough about the benefits of essential oils for your face. They’re even better when 100 percent organic and pure. At just S$18 a bottle, Wild Products rosehip oil will help you work towards soothed and younger skin. It even doubles up as a moisturiser for your nails and hair, too. We found this at Sephora, if you can believe it.

Innisfree Jeju Bamboo All-In-One Fluid

This K-beauty brand has legions of fans for good reason. We’ve talked repeatedly about their masks, which are extremely affordable at under S$3 a sheet. (Even cheaper if you buy them in South Korea.) Our latest discovering is the Jeju Bamboo All-In-One Fluid that works like a serum that smooths and cools. You can get this at Innisfree stores nationwide, but you can get it even cheaper at Althea.

Leaders Insolution Mediu Vitamino Calming Mask

Got dry and sensitive skin? At only six bucks per pack, you can have your own little facial with this three-step sheet mask. Featuring a serum, a cream and the actual sheet of goodness itself, this packet is super convenient for travelling. We found this at Sephora.

The Ordinary (Well, Everything)

If you haven’t heard of this brand before, listen and don’t forget it. They have everything from essential oils to acids to vitamins to retinol, all for under S$15. They even have widely-reviewed foundations for under S$20. We have it on good authority that their Vitamin C serum and Peeling Solution works very well. You can get The Ordinary at Beautylish and Lazada.

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