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If You Don’t Like The Word “Peel” In Your Exfoliants

You still deserve smooth, glowing skin. Drop the peels and go for these tried-and-tested exfoliants instead, from tonic-infused pads to sugar to facials in a tube.

Ask anyone about their secret to au natural glowing skin – in our case, we asked Bella Hadid, celebrity makeup extraordinaire Hung Vanngo and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo – and the answer is likely to be exfoliation. You want the light to hit your skin and make it glow like no tomorrow sans highlighters and even glow-in-a-bottle facial oils? Slough away the dead skin and rough patches. Easy as pie.

Right? Actually, no.

The idea of exfoliation can be scary to some, especially if you have sensitive skin, dry skin or both. You don’t know of it is going to unearth and trigger your skin’s wrath. Pair it with the word “peel” in the label and it is a slow backing away from the shelf on which the peel exfoliant sits.

Granted, not all peels were created equally – some are far milder than others. But, if  the word “peel” leaves a bad taste in your mouth, mild or otherwise, there are ways to go around it. Enter our round-up of exfoliants that we think you and your skin will love, of various forms and with different ingredients, tried and tested on sensitive skin. Yes, most of them have acids, but there is none of the peeling action save for one, though that one gives you jets of micro oxygen bubbles in return for your dead skin cells. Fair exchange, we think.

Pixi By Petra Glow Tonic To-Go

This ethereal-sounding, pastel-packaged beauty label is quietly becoming one of the most sought-after “drugstore” brands – so called because it first rose to prominence via Target – and their Glow Tonic, an exfoliant made from ginseng, aloe vera and glycolic acid is its best-seller. For greater ease, we like the Glow Tonic To-Go. Each textured cotton pad holds just enough product for your face and neck, allowing you to sweep away the dead skin flakes and dirt instantly without you really feeling a thing. It doesn’t leave behind balled-up dead skin – which can be unsettling for some – but you still get the super-smooth finish. Tonic, indeed.

Allies of Skin Bright Future Overnight Facial

When we asked the Forbes “30 Under 30” certified skincare guru Nicolas Travis about the secret to his super smooth and clear skin, this multi-tasker that he created came up. Fuelled with AHAs, probiotics, hydrating hyaluronic acid and “time-release” retinol, the facial treatment takes the time to slowly nourish and exfoliate your skin as you sleep, giving you excellent morning skin. As this comes bearing benefits from a bevy of botanical extracts, you can absolutely drop all the nightly serums and moisturisers when you’re using this so that it works independently, uninterrupted. Simply put, this was made for a lazy night in.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

There are acids that are good for your skin, but if anything chemical turns you off at the slightest mention, go natural. Fresh’s wildly popular face polish uses brown sugar to buff your skin, allowing healing Vitamin C from wild strawberries and moisture from plum seed and grapeseed oils to seep into your skin. It isn’t the cheapest exfoliant around, but you can be sure that it will be gentle on your skin. All of that smoothness with none of the uncomfortable squeakiness that come with some exfoliants.

Skin Inc Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask

A step up from its Pure Revival Peel, this starts out first as a mask, speedily sending oxygen and antioxidants into your skin whilst working on the dead skin and grime – all that in under a minute. There is still that rolling-away-of-dead-skin situation happening, but because it is one-part a mask, you don’t get that rubbery, taut feeling at the end of it.

Blithe Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey Splash Mask

The exfoliant that feels the least like one, which is what makes this just a tiny bit magical. All you need to do is take a capful of solution, pour it into a basic of water, mix, splash away and pat dry. With salicylic acid and a slew of plant and fruit extracts like sugar cane, lavender and orange, skin is instantly refreshed, brightened, softer and smoother. We tried all three versions of it and absolutely loved it. However, do make sure that you dilute this properly first before splashing it on – it is a concentrate after all. You should also skip this if you have extremely dry skin due to the salicylic acid.

Thisworks Evening Detox Spray-On Exfoliant

The newest exfoliant on our radar, made from Witch Hazelnut and Salicylic Acid. Like our picks from Pixi and Allies of Skin, this one is a leave-on. Use it like a toner or spritz it directly onto your skin before swiping it gently with a cotton pad. Skin feels cleaner and a hint smoother, so you know that is it a mild exfoliant. Still, because of the salicylic acid, follow up with hydration. (This isn’t available online at Sephora, but word on the street is that it is due to arrive in stores soon, if not already.)

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