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What The Team Does To Keep Fine Lines And Wrinkles At Bay

From good skin habits to our list of ride-or-die ingredients. Aging can be beautiful, but you only get one shot at supple, youthful skin, best make the most out of it.

The inspiration behind our stories you see in this space can come from the most unlikely of places. For this one that you are about to peruse, it came from a severe eagerness to see the soon-to-be released A Wrinkle In Time. While the “wrinkle” refers to time travel, it got us thinking about wrinkles and how much of the skincare that we do is meant to delay its onset, plump up existing fine lines and preserve its youthful suppleness.

Now, aging is a beautiful thing, both mentally and physically. Having wrinkles doesn’t mean you stop being beautiful or – as exemplified by a certain band of ladies on Instagram – hella cool. It is preventing the early onset that we’re talking about. As much as we hate to use the phrase, you are only young once in the literal sense, why shouldn’t you look the part?

There are many products out there splashed with the words “anti-wrinkle” and “anti-aging” on their jars and bottles. How do you know which one is for you? To give you a hand in the selection and because we love helping a sister – or brother – out, we sat down and gathered all the means and ways that we use to delay the setting in of fine lines and delay the wrinkles. For most youth-preserving skincare products, effects are not immediate and can only be seen in weeks, months or possibly when you’re older. But there general rule of thumb is this: as long as you focus on hydration, then supplement with key ingredients and practice good skin habits, you’re on the right track.


1. Sunblock Is Crucial

Sunshine is great. A little Vitamin D is great. UV rays and free radicals? Not at all. If it isn’t clear by now, excessive sun exposure is a one-way trip to lines and the loss of skin elasticity (and the damage runs deeper with prolonged, unprotected exposure). We’re not much for tanning, but if chilling under the sun and by the sea may sound like the ultimate vacation, don’t go crazy with it and don’t go out without blocking up your face and your face with SPF50. For good sunscreens that work well under makeup, we love Astalift’s White Perfect UV Clear Solution, Hera’s Sun Mate Leports and Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops.


2. Handle With Care

You want to preserve elasticity, not toy with it. That means no to masks that require you to pry it off your face as if it were dried glue, patting motions instead of rubbing and good makeup removers, so you don’t have to keep going at your face, especially the delicate under-eye area, with cotton pads. You shouldn’t have to rub your eyeshadow and mascara off. We are absolute advocates for mascara-specific removers and cleansing oils and gels that you can use sans cotton pads, like that from Shu Uemura and Hada Labo.


3. Look Out For The Ingredients

We like to focus on ingredients, because then we know exactly who we’re putting on our skin and adjust accordingly to what our skin needs. Don’t grab something off the shelf just because it has words like “age delay” or “anti-wrinkle” on it.

Look at the fine print. For starters, moisturising in general is great for delaying those fine lines because you’re keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Hyaluronic acid is as direct as it gets, then double it up with Vitamin C (which is an antioxidant and a terrific a skin healer), Niacinamide (or Vitamin B3) and retinol (a Vitamin A derivative), other antioxidants found in green tea and grape seed and omegas. Forget collagen – it is too big of a protein molecule to be absorbed topically and the body breaks it down to amino acids when ingested, so there’s really no point – and go for ceramide instead, which holds your skin cells tighter together and strengthens the protective barrier, keeping all the moisture in.

Serums are excellent if you want to focus on specific ingredients. For this, we love Skin Inc, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Sunday Riley and, for a more wallet-friendly option, It’s Skin.


4. Pint-Sized Massages

Beauty tools aren’t all gimmicks, but they can be costly. Instead, use the two tools you were born with: your hands. We have a habit of warming serums and essences in our hands before quite literally pressing them into the skin for maximum absorption. Under-eye products that come with rounded applicators get our vote, too, because they feel good on puffy eyes, knead retention away and help move the product pass the skin’s surface. (For fine lines under the eyes, our undisputed favourite of the moment is Chanel’s vitamin-rich Le Lift Flash Eye Revitaliser.)


5. Exfoliate

Fine lines are even more obvious with when they’re covered in dead skin cells. Any anti-wrinkle products you plan to use will also work better and undisturbed on fresh skin. Exfoliants with AHAs can be good news because not only are they superb at smoothening the skin, they may also stimulate collagen production. However, do take extra, extra care if you have sensitive skin because this suff is strong. AHAs also make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so sunblock is absolutely compulsory. If you want to play on the safe side, look to our list of gentle exfoliants that we can talk about enough.


6. Don’t Forget The Neck

You’ve put in so much effort into your face, don’t let the lines on your neck be a distraction. All the ingredients and products we’ve mentioned thus far? Use them on your neck, they deserve as much TLC as your face. Or, since the lines on it are deeper and hence trickier, give it more love with products designed specifically for it, like Nia’s Strivectin Tech Neck Line Smoother and Natura Bisse’s Tensolift Neck Cream.


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