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How My Skin Bounced Back From A Hilarious Shaving Mishap

A cocktail of vitamins, rose, seaberry, calendula, hyaluronic acid and multiple reminders to NEVER GO THERE AGAIN.

Like the Bella Hadids of the world, I appreciate a high and tight, combed-back ponytail with everything kept away from the face. Baby hairs stand in the way of that, so those that I can keep down with a little water-based gel, I do. Those that I cannot, especially those that stick out of the regular hairline, I shave away with a skinny eyebrow shaver. Along with fine hairs on the forehead and above the brows. Some people wax, others thread, I shave. It is just faster and painless that way. Or, so I thought.

So, there I was, prepping my face for the day and I said, “Hey, those little hairs could use some trimming.” I whipped out a new razor, shaved and lo and behold – spots of blood started popping up all over my forehead. Ta-freaking-dah. Seven fine cuts in total. And yes, with the dried blood and later tiny scabs all over my forehead, I looked absolutely ridiculous. Probably should have um, blunt that razor a little bit first.

I panicked, but I also laughed. I had become one of those cliched teenage boys you see in movies who shave for the first time and end up having to put those little white paper bits all over their faces. I laughed, then I panicked again. I had meetings, interviews, events! I had to fix things, stat.

Well, I had to let the raw phase pass first. After that, it was all hands on deck. I knew my box of serums and oils would come in handy one day. Ah, love a beauty product with a good ol’ science lab dropper.

Above all else, I focused on ingredients that healed and soothed inflamed, damaged skin. (I couldn’t exfoliate for obvious reasons.) I started with a healing calendula toner from Kiehl’s, which also contained the antibacterial allantoin. Then, my trusty serums and oils. Vitamin C – Skin Inc and It’s SKIN have great ones – together with liquorice, which calms irritation. Kat Burki’s Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream helps if you need something stronger. I also tapped on hyaluronic acid, just to fix any dry spots that may have resulted from the shaving action. (Dr. Jart+ has a superb calming serum made from tiger grass, but I was unfortunately all out of it during my emergency.)

The healing ingredients continued with rose and seaberry extracts in the form of face oils. Pixi’s Rose Oil Blend, which also contains vitamin-rich pomegranate, is one of my favourite products, period, and Fresh’s Seaberry Face Oil basically saved my skin from sub-zero winter air back in December, so I knew it could handle a few tiny cuts. It is extremely moisturising. Finally, I amped up the aloe vera on masking days – with Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze – the OG when it comes down to soothing the skin.

It took all but five days to fix my forehead, scabs and all. (I used a mild exfoliator to get all the dead skin off.) At the very least, I got a hilarious story from this experience and learned how to deal with it should it happen again – but let’s just hope it never does, eh? Please excuse me as I proceed to blunt that stupid shaver.

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