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The Proper Way To Care For Your Skin on Long Trips

Let's face it – travelling's fun, but it kills your skin. Here's how we ensure our skin gets proper TLC, whether we're at fashion week or touring the world.

Following my stomach and feet, the third body part that I imagine resents me the most during fashion week is my skin. The weather, though helpful for my dead straight Asian hair, is a complete 180 to what I’m used to. Then, there are the early call times, the late nights from the after-parties and dinners, and the overall lack of time to breathe, much less time for some skin TLC.

Is it possible to keep your skin super fresh amid the chaos of travel? The key, really, is to know where you’re going – and then mask and slather yourself accordingly. If there’s sun, use sunscreen (Suqqu’s got a really great one). Dry weather? Moisturise. Just because it works at home doesn’t mean it’ll work where you’re going. Once you’ve got your products all packed and ready in a zip-lock (don’t worry, the recommendations are coming), commit to using them. Never settle for not hydrating your skin before going to bed.

Hydration is crucial, so bring as many hydrating products that your luggage will allow you. La Mer’s Moisturising Cream and Intensive Revitalising Mask and Cle De Peau’s Le Serum work serious wonders when applied the night before. For daywear, La Prairie’s Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold is pretty neat. I also always start my mornings with a good glug of water because I don’t know when my next glug is going to be. It’s the most basic in your hydration master plan, but the most important. (Ubers that come with plenty of bottled water, you are a godsend.)

My skin tends to get bouts of eczema when it gets too dry, so that’s where Skin Inc’s customised My Daily Dose serums and Deep Sea Hydrating Mask come in. To combat late nights, I use Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream. Their Sugar Lip Treatment range works terrifically, but my swear-buy when it comes to lip balms is a little known brand called Swiss Plus, found in Hong Kong’s Bonjour chain of stores. You guys, this one’s the shiz. I stock up every time I’m in Hong Kong.

And finally, sheet masks. REMEMBER: SHEET MASKS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS. Especially those from Korean beauty stores. They’re cheap, they work. No other reasons required. If you need a nudge in the right direction, we love Aritaum, Poretol and Innisfree.

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