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The Best Skincare Based On Your Next Netflix Binge

From "13 Reasons Why" to "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend", we match your next favourite show to skincare that'll keep your skin in tip-top shape from episode to episode.

Show bingeing takes a lot out of you both physically, emotionally and mentally, but when a show is that good, you just have to do it. What is sleep compared to knowing if your favourite character makes it to the end of the series alive, or if your romantic heroine ever gets some with her written love interest? And oh my god – when will they ever invent a cure for zombieism? Sleep is secondary when there’s one more episode to go.

While we’re down for the occasional Netflix marathon, we’ll be the first to admit that an all-nighter can do crap to your skin. Dehydrated, dull and irritated skin are just some of your problems. To make sure you handle your next watching spree like a pro – and in the event that you’re out of shows to watch – we pair five beauty splurges to five shows we think you’ll love, that is if you don’t already. At the end of the day, beauty sleep is still important, so let’s promise to make show bingeing an occasional thing, okay?


Do not eat anything while watching the pilot episode. You have been warned. Don’t get us wrong – Santa Clarita Diet is a great comedy series and Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are delightful as the leads, but that doesn’t mask the level of disgusting you’re in for. Look, we can take gory just fine. We watch Game of Thrones for crying out loud so we’re no wimps, but Santa Clarita Diet is just…eckkk. It gets better as the season develops, but that pilot episode is just…eckkk. As you may feel a little sick in the stomach, we recommend the Oh K! Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask. It smells like paradise (read: coconuts) and will hopefully take you to a happy place as you cruise through all the blood and body parts.


If you love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you’ll LOVE the lesser known Chewing Gum just as much. Tracy, played by the brilliant Michaela Coel, is a clueless early twenty-something who just wants to get her cherry popped, but the universe keeps getting in the way. Add her odd neighbours, overzealous sister and suspect fiancé in the mix and you get Chewing Gum. The second season landed just a couple of weeks ago on Netflix and of course we finished it in one night. We guarantee that you’ll be laughing hard, so no sheet or dry-and-remove masks. Instead, we recommend the TonyMoly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack because come on, it’s a tomato. What’s funnier than a mask in a tomato? Funny plus funny, it’s a perfect fit.


Everyone is talking about it and having just finished it ourselves, we can absolutely understand why. 13 Reasons Why explores a rather dark subject matter that has real life applications, so we don’t want to distract anyone from the lessons it teaches. But it is still quite intense, especially as the story starts to firm up in the later episodes. Plot twists coming in on your right! Plot twists coming in on your left! To help you destress during your binge sesh, use the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Infinity Moisturiser, pumped with Alpine Rose Stem Cells and super hydrating hydrolysed plant proteins just in case you start crying from heartbreak.


Who’s in for a history lesson, albeit one to be taken with a grain of salt? Featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, pre-Superman Henry Cavill and Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones fame, The Tudors is a slightly fictionalised retelling of Henry VIII’s reign and his multiple marriages and affairs. Needless to say, a lot of steamy lovemaking happens in the four seasons of the series. King Henry VIII wasn’t known for his fidelity. To cool you down, try the Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask. It doesn’t look like much, but as Henry VIII would learn from his short-lived fifth marriage, looks can be deceiving. Fans of the mask love the cooling, tightening and smoothening effect it leaves on the skin.


Not only will you be cracking up multiple times throughout the two seasons, you’ll also be singing. Yes, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is comedy, drama and musical rolled into one. Expect parodies of Disney, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Les Mis, Backstreet Boys and Fifth Harmony – but in song form! – as protagonist Rebecca Bunch devises diabolical plans to win back her ex. With all the laughing and singing you’re going to do, your jaw and the skin on it will need a break. To combat those laugh lines, we recommend Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Daily Youth Restoring Serum Capsules. It amps up collagen production, hydrates and brightens at the same time.

Main Image: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/The CW

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