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7 Summer Scents That’ll Put You in the Right Mood for Vacation

Even if you weren't hopping on board a flight to a tropical paradise, these scents would take your mind on a holiday. Sit back, close your eyes, and take a whiff.

Scents linger. Both in the literal sense and in the way that they encapsulate memories. A scent can take you back to a certain moment or place in time. We’re not just making up the facts as we go, it’s stuff that’s actually backed by science. It’s why a fragrance is so deeply personal. It’s more than just the way that you smell.

A scent has the ability to transport your mind – the only kind of travel privy to some of us living in parts of the world where Miss Rona has ye to loosen her grip. It’s officially summer, typically the time of the year to pack your luggage for that annual summer vacay. Even if you weren’t physically hopping on board a plane and jetting off to a tropical island respite, we’ve declared this as the summer that will go on.

We’d just have to be a tad more imaginative. Get your summer wardrobe sorted, pick your scent, and play pretend. Who’s to say you can’t be a tourist in your own country?

Diptyque Eau De Parfum Orphéon

Diptyque’s Eau de Parfum Orphéon is the furthest from the textbook definition of a summer scent. Take a whiff of the scent and you’d first get a floral hint of jasmine that deepens into woody accents drawn from tonka beans, juniper berries, and cedarwood. A unique interpretation of summer, the scent is probably unlike anything else your olfactory senses have met.

Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden

Step inside Gucci’s garden. Here, the neroli flower blooms alongside the Limone Cedrato fruit from the maison’s birthplace, Florence. The result: an enchanting mix of citrusy and floral notes with hints of oak. But with a fragrance bottle as beautifully designed as Gucci’s, we’d be content with just having it sit on our vanities.

KKW Fragrance Blue Roan

The blue bottle might lend a clue. The Blue Roan fragrance by Kendall Jenner indeed draws its inspiration from the ocean. Think the crisp scent of the ocean softened by the sweetness of delicate pear blossoms and ylang ylang topped off by a hint of musk.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Eau De Toilette

Ah, the sweet smell of freedom. It’s a phrase we’re all no strangers to but have you ever wondered what that might actually mean in the literal sense (or rather, scents)? We have the answer. It’d be Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza Eau de Toilette – a scent designed after a tropical escape. Built on a base of coconut water, the scent combines green galbanum, zesty Madagascan mandarin oils, musky driftwood, and floral frangipani for a warm, rounded scent. The multiple layers come together to form a wonderfully complex scent.

Louis Vuitton On The Beach

 The beach is commonplace for inspiration in the formulation of summer scents. However, Louis Vuttion’s take offers a refreshing (quite literally) take. With yuzu as the top note and the earthy hints of thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, cloves, the scent brings together the many elements of a tropical getaway. The sun, the sand, the sea, and the lush greenery.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Eau De Parfum Aqua Vitae Forte

If you’re one for subtlety with your scent, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Eau de Parfum Aqua Vitae Forte might just be the one for you. A light citrusy blend that combines Haitian Vetiver, Cinnamon, and East Indian Sandalwood with hints of floral, Aqua Vitae Forte’s scent lingers gently in the air without ever overpowering.

Tom Ford Soleil Brulant Eau De Parfum

Imagine the golden sun beating down on your skin as you lay in the midst of a lush tropical respite sipping on a fruity cocktail. Now, take that imagery, put it in a bottle and you’d arrive at Tom Ford’s Soleil Brulant Eau de Parfum. The scent’s name, which translates into “burning sun”, encapsulates summer days with a fruity, floral concotion of fresh mandarins, bergamot, and a hint of pink peppercorn.


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