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Can These Mascaras Stand The Oily Eyelid Test?

Because waterproof isn't the same as smudgeproof, and salty tears aren't the same as...um, oil.

Anyone with the slightest interest in makeup will know that finding the right products that work involves a long string of trial, error and heartbreaks. When you have skin that is oily enough to grease a pan on a bad day, the search is three times more tedious. I know, because I have been through it. I cannot tell you how many different foundations, primers and eyeliners I’ve tried in the last eight years, all in hopes of finding makeup that won’t slide off my face after two hours. (I am pleased to inform you that I have found them, but that’s another story for another time.)

If you have naturally oily skin, you’ll know that the search for hardy, melt-proof eye makeup is the hardest of them all. Foundation that has worn off isn’t as obvious and unfixable as a glaring panda eye, typically the result of smudged mascara. Pesky, pesky mascara, the damned thing that will not budge no matter how hard you try to pry it from your under-eye during an emergency visit to the ladies. (If you are looking for liquid lipsticks that won’t budge though, click here.)

There are many mascaras out there that are waterproof, and they probably are. But the thing is, waterproof isn’t the same as smudgeproof. Sure, the thing can withstand a round of back-to-back tearjerkers – that’s Toy Story 3 for me – but that doesn’t mean it is ready to battle a hot, humid day in the tropics where oil glands you didn’t know you had start to come alive.

Like we said, there are many great mascaras out there, but not all we oily chicks can call our best friends. To help you with your search, we scoured the various “best of beauty” lists of the internet and compiled all the top voted mascaras into a list. We then researched numerous reviews of each of them – and included our own reviews, which made us realise just how many “holy grail” mascaras we own – and picked the crème de la crème of the lot. See which ones made the cut in the gallery above, and tell us what is YOUR favourite mascara of all-time in the comments below. We’d love to know!


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