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My Trick To Looking Like I Have Eyelash Extensions On (When I Really Don’t)

I'll admit that it might take up a good part of your morning routine, but when you've perfected it, the results are 100% worth it.

Eyelash extensions when done right can be quite beautiful. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have the patience to sit through a session – same reason why I hardly ever go for facials – or commit to maintaining them. Plus, all the horror stories one hears about eyelash extensions. Yikes.

While I do occasionally have false eyelashes on for big events – I prefer individual lashes over full falsies – I rely on my natural lashes most of the time. Even for events like fashion week and for shoots. I have a trick to making my natural lashes look longer and fuller and while it is a trick that takes quite a bit of time, I think you’ll love the result.

First, I curl. I have been using Shu Uemura’s curler for close to a decade and I don’t think I will ever settle for anything else. They make the best eyelash curlers on the planet. I curl in a convex motion as I go from the root to the tips of my lashes. Once or twice is enough.

Like how curling your hair requires heat, the same goes for your lashes. A regular eyelash curler gets the shape in, a heated electric curler keeps the shape. I have been using Panasonic’s eyelash curler for years. Extremely easy to use and travel-friendly. I run the heated curler gently through my lashes a few times in the same convex motion until the curved shape looks firm. (Please be careful at this step!)

Now, we get to the mascara part. My ultimate favourite brand among the countless I’ve tried is still Heroine Make. While volume mascaras give fuller-looking lashes, I always prefer lengthening mascaras for my upper lashes – Heroine Make’s Long & Curl Super Waterproof – because it just looks more natural.

However, I do use a volume mascara on my lower lashes where there are fewer hairs and hence could do with a bit more volume. Just very light, gentle strokes to avoid clumping. Lastly, I use my heated Panasonic eyelash curler again to give my upper lashes a final lift as the freshly added mascara may bring the lashes down a bit.

Extra tip? Consider eyelash serums. They may not look like much, but there are good ones that actually help your lashes grow a little longer. When it comes to lashes, that little bit can make a huge difference. Japanese brands like Avance have good, affordable ones, but if you’re down to splurge, try Lancer or Revitalash.

And, that’s it. I’ll admit that the whole process is pretty time-consuming – I would say 10 minutes, give or take – but I love the final result. I get that small sense of satisfaction when I see that my lashes are perky and long without a false lash in sight. Simple joys.

Final, final word: make sure you use a mascara remover to make sure it all comes off easily without you losing any lashes. What is your secret to great natural lashes? Tell me!

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