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Bulgari’s Brand New Goldea Fragrance Is Basically Rome In A Bottle

It is sexy, romantic, rich and ultra luxurious. You can't put Rome in your pocket, but you can have this. In collaboration with Bulgari.

Many cities claim to be the greatest, but there is only one eternal city and that’s Rome. Back in July, I journeyed to the incredible city for the first time to witness the big reveal of Bulgari’s latest fragrance: Goldea The Roman Night.

There were so many stars in the night sky above as I went up the iconic Spanish Steps – trying my best to have my own Audrey Hepburn moment in Roman Holiday – and came face to face with the majestic Trinità dei Monti at the top. There was music, glowing lights, rows of flowers, golden champagne, Bella Hadid coming down the steps clad in jewels and the beautiful Fontana della Barcaccia just sitting nearby – everything was so magical. I haven’t had many Roman nights, but that night was the standard. I’ll have several more of these Roman nights to-go, thank you.

Unfortunately, Rome is there while I am here. Everyone who has been there wants to go back. It is perhaps this reason that Bulgari created Goldea The Roman Night, inspired by the city in the dark of the night, so you can have a bit of magical Rome with you.

So, how does Bulgari capture the Eternal City in a bottle? The fragrance is luxuriously woody with a hint of sweetness. It begins with a sparkling burst of mulberry and black peony, with sweet floral notes from jasmine and tuberose making their way through. It ends with bold notes from black musk and patchouli before finally settling into a warm and soothing woodiness. The juice is luxuriously intense and rich without overpowering the senses.

It is the black musk and patchouli that bring an androgynous edge to Goldea The Roman Night and I think that makes the already very sexy fragrance even sexier. I picture a woman in a black pantsuit, but with nothing underneath, her hair flying in the breeze and the scent of the new Goldea trailing behind her. Mmm, very cinematic.

The beautiful fragrance is wrapped in deep black bottle, a chic see-through cap and a textured black and gold rim that pays tribute to Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti. If you have an observant eye, you’ll spot the reference immediately. It is a bottle, but it somehow looks like jewellery, too.

If you’re on the look out for a fragrance that captures boldness, sensuality and powerful femininity, try the new Goldea The Roman Night. Keep your eyes peeled as a special surprise featuring the fragrance is coming to you very soon on my Instagram!

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