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How To Look Like You Had The Full, Glorious Eight Hours of Sleep

Well, actually getting the full eight hours is one way. But if you can't, this concoction from Chanel might just be the next best thing.

Ever since crossing the quarter-of-a-century mark, I realised that my hunt for the next best under-eye product, which was virtually non-existent before, intensified. Understandably, since my relationship with eye bags and dark circles only began then. Oh, to be young and able to have consecutive 4 a.m. nights and not have to suffer for and look it.

Eye products tend to leave people on the fence. Many take time before visible changes occur, if they even do anything at all. Of course, the best prescription is still to actually have the full eight hours, but since that isn’t always possible, you have to go for the next best thing. The magical concoctions that will zap the bags, lines and panda eyes away.

There are some decent ones out there. My long-standing favourite – which we have mentioned at least five times on this platform now – is Chanel’s Le Lift Flash Eye Revitaliser. Unfortunately, that one is pretty pricey, so I only save it for extra special occasions or when I really, really need a miracle in minutes.

The other days? After trying more than a handful of serums, gels and creams, I found myself with Chanel’s Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate. (I’m going to call it Blue Serum Eye, which was its original name, for short.)

With just the smallest of pumps, you can tell that it is extremely moisturising, yet strangely light – and you need that for the paper-thin under-eye area. I loathe cream moisturisers with a passion, but this does so well on top of everything else I apply – no drippy drippy – and under makeup. It seeps into the skin so quickly, too, leaving a dewy, featherlight layer behind.

The all-important question: does it work? After sticking it out for a month, I find that I don’t actually get dark circles anymore. No discolouration. Poof. Unforch, the puffiness still does happen. On regular mornings, I found that the Blue Serum Eye reduced the puffiness and that pesky line that defines it by quite a bit. On days when I felt like death, I had to double it up with a cold eye massager because I’m just extra like that. The result? Perkier peepers and thus, a more alive “I slept more than you did” face.

Unsolicited tip: I actually dotted some of the concentrate along my laugh lines and I swear the marks faded. Nothing has worked quite as well before. Makes me wonder what the larger Blue Serum Revitalising Concentrate can do.

The Blue Serum Eye at over $100 is quite the spend, but considering that you only need half a pea-sized drop each time, you can stretch it out for some time. If nothing has met your standards thus far, give this a shot.

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