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Every Product Behind Chanel’s “Grecian Goddess” Look

Yeap, we have the recipe for those crazy kohl eyes at Chanel's Cruise 2018. Always good to keep a makeup recipe in your back pocket is what we always say.

Last week at the Grand Palais in Paris, Chanel and Monsieur Lagerfeld took us all into ancient Greece. There were draped tunics, gladiator sandals, gold laurels and make-believe ruins. The other thing that had everyone gasping? Those intense kohl eyes. Because we’re just as curious as everyone else, and that it’s always good to keep a makeup recipe in your back pocket, we decided that getting the backstage deets was absolutely necessary.

Those statues of Greek goddesses may be powdery with age, but your skin doesn’t have to be. Goddess IRL is what you’re aiming for. At Chanel, skin was first prepped with the Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux and La Solution 10 de Chanel moisturiser. Then, the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid Foundation, applied with the Les Pinceaux de Chanel, the new retractable foundation brush which is as fancy as it sounds. Strokes of Eclat Lumiere is used to highlight and conceal.

To keep up with that gilded golden goddess look – try saying that three times – cheeks are dusted with the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Colour in Light, a neutral shade with hint of glow. No flushed cheeks here, thank you. Keeping with the neutral theme, lips are coloured with Rouge Coco in Michele, a subtle mix of pink, red and nude.

Right now, you’re probably going, “Fine, fine, that’s all good. But what about those kohl eyes that will turn me into Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, even though Cleopatra is technically an Egyptian queen and the reference is hence geographically and historically inaccurate, but still?!” Calm down, children, we’re getting there. We saved the best for last.

The lids are first gussied up with Ombre Premiere in Sable, a glowing sand-beige eyeshadow. The eyes are then lined with the Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Noir Intense and Ligne Graphique de Chanel in Noir-Noir. For the final touches, lower lids are smoked with the Ombre Premiere in Satin and lashes glossed and thickened with Le Volume de Chanel mascara. With such intense eyes, don’t forget to fill in your brows with the Le Gel Sourcils. Voila.

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